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ENG 解釋..

1.survey ( 詞性eg. adj ) - 解釋<--要用英文

2.majority ( 詞性eg. adj ) - 解釋<--要用英文


3.obvious ( 詞性eg. adj ) - 解釋<--要用英文

4.overweight ( 詞性eg. adj ) - 解釋<--要用英文


5.stressed ( 詞性eg. adj ) - 解釋<--要用英文

6.unbalanced diet ( 詞性eg. adj ) - 解釋<--要用英文

7.undoubtedly ( 詞性eg. adj ) - 解釋<--要用英文

8.ruin ( 詞性eg. adj ) - 解釋<--要用英文


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    1)survey(n): a set of questions that you ask a large number of people in order to find out about their opinions or behaviour

    carry out/conduct a survey

    (=do a survey)

     We conducted a survey of parents in the village.

    survey of

     survey of US businesses

    survey shows/reveals (that)

     The survey showed that Britain's trees are in good health.

    2)majority (n)

    1【most people or things】

    eg.The majority of students find it quite hard to live on the amount of money they get.

    3) obvious (adj)

    easy to notice or understand

    eg: The obvious way of reducing pollution is to use cars less.

    4) overweight(adj)

    someone who is overweight is too heavy and fat

    e.g. Sally was fifty pounds overweight.

    5.stressed (adj)

    so worried and tired that you cannot relax

    e.g : I always eat when I'm feeling stressed.

    6.unbalanced diet (n)

    unbalanced (adj) : giving too much or too little emphasis to a particular idea, etc

    diet (n): the kind of food that a person or animal eats each day

    e.g An unbalanced diet is unhealthy.


    definitely true or known to exist

    eg Undoubtedly, public interest in folk music has declined.


    1)to spoil or destroy something completely

    eg This illness has ruined my life.

    2) to make someone lose all their money

    e.g Jefferson was ruined by the lawsuit.

    Source(s): dictionary
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