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anybody can answer my question..?

Update 2:

so that means if you can study well,,,, it is not really hard and take more time to graduate from USC?? right??

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  • John L
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    1 decade ago
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    The short answer is because USC is a moderate private school. The objective for most private schools is. well, profits! The longer you stay in school, the more money they make. Unlike public universities that rely on some form of financial support or subsidization from the state and federal government, private schools receives majority of their fundings from students tuition and fees. So, you are likely to find more pre-requisites for classes and longer ciriculum than comparable programs in public universities. This is particularly true for the less prestiage private universities like USC and USF, among others. Some of the more prestigious universities like Hardvard, Yale, Princeton, among others receive a significant amount of fundings via private donations from graduates of the college and businesses. So, they are more inclined to provide their students with top notch education so their students can give back to the school in the future. Hope this answers your question.

    2008-02-28 15:20:21 補充:

    As long as you keep your grades at the satisfactory level and complete all their general and major requirements, it is not hard at all. I have friends that went to USC and they attained their bachelor degree in 4.5 years. All of my friends who went to UC Berkeley graduated in exactly in 4 years.

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