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英文文章!! 中文意思是什麼?

Inflation is another important reason for the rise in the cost of


Over the last 150 years, as prices have gone up, the value of

money has gone down, so we now need more money to buy things.

In 1913,for example, $50,000 had about as much buying power as $1

million does today.

Of course, people now earn more money than they did 150 years ago, but they also spend more on necessities such as food, medicine, and


In order to live well after you stop working, you should begin saving

for retirement early.

Experts suggest that after you retire, you will need 75 percent to 80

percent of your salary to live on every month.

In other words, if you make $3,000 per month while working, you will

need between $2,250 and $2,400 per month to live on during retirement.

This calculation assumes that you have no mortgage on a house to

continue paying, or any other major expenses.

However, many retired people now rent their housing, and so they will

pay more money in housing costs over time.

Older people now also have to spend more on health care because they

live longer; many people in industrialized countries now live into

their eighties or nineties.

Due to increased demand for housing,higher inflation, and longe life

ecpectancy, a million may not be enough to live on.

Of course, where you live and how long you live will influence how much a million dollars can buy.

To be able dream home, you may have to

appear on that game show and win more than once!

請問這英文 中文意思是什麼?

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    一.對生活費用上升而言,通貨膨脹是另一個重要的原因。在過去150 年期間, 當價格上升, 金錢的價值下降, 因此我們現在需要更多金錢去買東西。以1913年為例子, 5萬元的購買力可以抵現今的1百萬。裡所當然的, 現今的人們比150年前賺了更多的錢, 但能肯定的是比那時在必要的花費上的錢也是更多的。譬如食物、醫學, 和住房。為了使您在停止工作後的居住生活更好, 您應及早開始為退休節省。

    二.專家建議退休之後的花費費用,大概在每個月將薪資的百分之75 到的百分之80之間。換言之,假如工作期間你每個月賺3000元,您退休後的花費會在2250~2400之間。這預估的計算是在您沒有房子抵押的持續支付或所有其它主要的費用。但是, 許多退休的人現在的住所是租的, 因此他們退休後將支付更多金錢在住房費用上。老人必須在醫療保健上比現在花費更多因為他們長壽; 許多在工業化國家的人會活到80歲或90歲。

    三.由於對住房、更高的通貨膨脹, 和長壽的生活預期的需求增加, 1百萬不足夠生活的。當然, 您居住那兒跟活多久是會影響你1百萬可以買多少。為了能成為夢想家, 您必須顯示在那遊戲節目中和贏得比一次更多!

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