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After homogenization, samples were investigated for the presence of Enterobacteriaceae.

Thus, 10_1–10_4 dilutions of meat extracts were tested on poured plates of Crystal-violet neutral-red bile glucose agar (VRBG), which were prepared as specified by the manufacturer (Merck).

Once the agar had solidified, plates were overlaid with 3– 4 ml of melted VRBG and incubated at 35–37 _C for24 h.

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    如此,10_1–10_4稀釋肉摘錄被測試在傾瀉板的水晶-紫羅蘭中立者-紅色膽汁葡萄糖海菜( VRBG ),哪個製造商準備好的作為詳述( Merck ).

    曾經海菜團結了,板被覆蓋和3– 4毫升融化VRBG和孵化在35–37 _C for24 h.

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