Can someone plz help me wid h/w?

i know that i should be asking someone i know personally but i've already asked

everybody that i know for this thing were doing in english class called a heritage story.

I've asked everybody if they have had someone in their family whos has been in a concentration

camp,a war or something like that i either had a response saying sorry i dont,or have had no replies

since some of the people i've talked to were over the phone and some on emails.It would really be great if

you had any anything like that.So do you know of any of your family member being in a war

or concentration camp or something like that?If you do could you please tell me their feelings/how

they felt,the setting/place,the date of when it happened,what it was like and anything else would be

awesome!!Well anyways you dont have to but,it would absolutely help me a lot but if not hmmm i

guess i better try finding someone else

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  • 1 decade ago
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    If you live in NYC or Washington DC, there are a lot of information on stuff you're looking for in the Holocaust museums

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