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Has anyone heard of an older movie called "They" its not the horrow movie with wes craven...?

we have been trying to find this movie but blockbuster stopped carrying it, it is called "They" its not the horror flick by wes craven it is kinda a drama , a little girls dies in a car wreck at the beginning and she haunts her little sister...theres a weird owl in the movie thats all white, if anyone has heard of it let me

know what it is called for sure and where I can find it ...i searched online and it is no where to be found.

Thanks sooo much!

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    They (1993 TV movie)

    aka Children of the Mist

    also starring Nancy Moore Atchison, Rutanya Alda, Benji Wilhoite

    IMDB synopsis:

    A man (Patrick Bergin) that is unable to express himself emotionally, loses his 11-year-old daughter in a car accident after missing her performance in a ballet due to his over-ambitious job dictates. Gradually, his guilt becomes worse, threatening his relationship with his wife (Valerie Mahaffey) and second, younger daughter. He "stumbles" onto a blind woman (Vanessa Redgrave), who has the gift of being a seer. Her country home is occupied with the lost souls of children, including the man's daughter, and he finds himself having to work through his feelings in this setting.

    I'm sorry that I couldn't find the DVD anywhere. I kept getting the Wes Craven film.

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    Wes Craven They

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    I remember that movie. Try joining quikflix. I think that's the name. You get a months free membership, they mail the three dvds of your choice to you and then you mail em back before your time's up and tell em you want to cancel your membership. 3 movies for free ain't bad.

    I was trying to find the movie "Feed" and it was unavailable, but quikflix had it.

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    They (1993) made for tv and starred Vanessa Redgrave and Patrick Bergin.

    Video title was different, it was released on video as

    "They Watch"

    Available at half.com for as little as $2.50

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    I've never actually heard of it but i looked it up for you


    it was a tv movie so maybe that's why you are having a hard time finding it.

    there are a few copies of the vhs on amazon, i don't think it was ever released on dvd.


    as far as i can tell when it was released on vid. it was titled "they watch" title change often happens when tv movies are released on vhs/dvd.

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    Is that what you were looking for by any chance?

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