Where can I find biography on Dorothy Edith Smith's life? I can't find it anywhere in books, and internet.

Yeah I can't find more information about her life, such as her growing up, family and sort of that thing. :(


You know her whole life biography.

Update 2:

If you help me, I will automatically click you for the best answer and give you 5 stars, I swear! Just help me a.s.a.p!

Update 3:

Yes, there's many information on her work but on what she did with her lifelong life which I'm clearly looking for.

The link you gave me is quite useful, but it's about the work she had done. Not what I'm looking for. But thanks for trying.

Why is it so hard to find a story on her life?

Update 4:

Sorry I made a typo. I meant to say, "There's many information on her work, but not on her life"

2 Answers

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