60's & 70's research?

I have to do a report for school. I have to pick 5 of these events & write at least 4 sentences explaining each one. Any help please! PS, make it sound realistic I am in 8th grade.

Munich Olympics

Civil Rights



Women's Rights

Martin Luther King

Malcom X

Watergate Trials

Voting Age

President Kennedy

Riots and Protests

Man on the Moon

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    ......MALCOLM X.........

    Towards the end of Malcolm X's life he did a 360 turn around.. It was said that he actually looked like a school choirboy compared to Martin Luther King his change was so vastly different. Some people still do not understand the man, I'm certain I never appreciated him in life as I do in death.

    excerpt:byMalik Shabazz

    "Malcolm was a great person because of his bold honesty and sacrifice, his intellectual power and brilliant rap. But not only that Malcolm X was a living representative of our great radical tradition of struggle created by millions of people whose names we will never know"

    "If ever we needed what Malcolm X stood for we need it now!"


    ........Munich Olympics........

    The first encounter with the power of television and seeing terrorists in action. People were spellbound with continuous coverage/live then.


    "It was 4:30 in the morning on Sept. 5, 1972, when five Arab terrorists wearing track sweat suits climbed the six-foot six-inch fence surrounding the Olympic Village. Although they were seen by several people, no one thought anything was unusual since athletes routinely hopped the fence; moreover, the terrorists' weapons were hidden in athletic bags. These five were met by three more men who are presumed to have obtained credentials to enter the village."

    "At 9:30, the terrorists announced that they were Palestinians and demanded that Israel release 200 Arab prisoners and that the terrorists be given safe passage out of Germany. The Palestinians were led by Luttif Afif (“Issa”), his deputy Yusuf Nazzal (“Tony”), and junior members Afif Ahmed Hamid (“Paolo”), Khalid Jawad (“Salah”), Ahmed Chic Thaa (“Abu Halla”), Mohammed Safady (“Badran”), Adnan Al-Gashey (“Denawi”), and his cousin Jamal Al-Gashey (“Samir”). "

    "At 3 a.m., a drawn and teary-eyed Jim McKay, who had been reporting the drama throughout the day as part of ABC's Olympic coverage, announced: “They're all gone.”"


    ********VOTING AGE**************

    young men were being sent to war and they were finally allowed to vote when they reached theage of 18.

    They could die for their country but couldn't buy an alcoholic drink.


    "Amendment XXVI (the Twenty-Sixth Amendment) of the United States Constitution, ratified on July 1, 1971, standardized the voting age to 18. It was passed in response to the Vietnam War and to partially overrule the Supreme Court's decision in Oregon v. Mitchell."


    This is 3 out of 5 now you do 2 of them.

    Also make sure that you cite the source for anything that says


    Source(s): above links self
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    <<PS, make it sound realistic I am in 8th grade.>>

    I'll get you started with one of my favorites.


    The Watergate Crisis officially began when the Republican party hired people to break into the Watergate Hotel in Washington D.C. and rummage through the Democratic Party Headquarters, which was located in the hotel at the time. They were also supposed to plant secret surveillance equipment in those offices so Republicans could spy on them, gain insight into their strategies and sabotage their campaign.

    The reason for this lay in the paranoia of then-President Richard Nixon. Nixon was too paranoid because he took part in Communist witch-hunts of the 1950s, and he thought he had made a lot of political enemies and that they were out to get him. This meant that, instead of campaigning fairly against Democrat George McGovern, he arranged for the break-in (or at least gave it his approval).

    The break-in was discovered and those involved were arrested in 1972. But that would have been the end of Watergate if it hadn't been for two reporters for the Washington Post, Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward, who investigated the story and found that the five criminals had ties to the Republican party. Their investigations led to the government forcing Nixon to come clean about his involvement in the break-in, and in August 1974, he was forced to resign from the White House -- the only president ever to resign from office.

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