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What do you think of the Mexican Mafia operating in Calif allowing kids 10 yo to join up Family Values where?

Why would people who live there openly support them when preteens are being drawn into the gang life?And in 2006, the U.S. attorney in Los Angeles won hate-crime convictions against five members for a murderous campaign to force African Americans out of their turf.

But even though the Avenues' presence in many neighborhoods has diminished in recent years -- currently, there are about 400 members -- it remains one of the most powerful gangs in the city. And it retains strong ties to the Mexican Mafia, known as the Eme -- a dominant force in California prisons.

"They are fully entrenched in the northeast community," said U.S. Atty. Thomas P. O'Brien, who led the hate-crime case and prosecuted members of the gang earlier in his career, as a deputy district attorney. "This is one of those older street gangs that are generational. You have youngsters who are 10 or 11 years old jumped in to the same gang claimed by their grandfathers."

The Drew Street clique is run by five interrelated families, police say. The layout of the small neighborhood -- cut off by San Fernando Road, backed up against Forest Lawn Memorial Park -- serves as a perfect redoubt.

The area has long been a source of income for the Mexican Mafia, as Avenues members have taxed local drug dealers and paid a cut to the prison gang, according to Tony Raphael, author of "The Mexican Mafia." A prominent member of the Eme, Javier "Gangster" Marquez, grew up on Drew Street, and drugs from Mexico would land there before being distributed. Raphael said a recent uptick in violence stems from a renewed push by the Avenues to collect taxes from smaller gangs in Cypress Park and Glassell Park.Like hundreds of residents in the neighborhood, the Leons originally hailed from the village of Tlalchapa, in Guerrero, Mexico, neighbors said.

That shared history breeds loyalty. Several residents interviewed Friday said they supported the Avenues. "I've been here 25 years and they've never disrespected me," said Modesta Hernandez. "On the contrary, they protect us. They help us."

They depicted the police as hostile and corrupt, and several said the shooting of Daniel Leon was unprovoked, although one neighbor said he clearly saw Leon raise the assault weapon at the officers.

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    all gangs are out of control the next thing we know we are going to see the crayola posse in pre-k, not a joke, this is a situation where we need to be putting our house in order before we let more people into the party. we have to fight to fix the future of this country before it too late.

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    Why are people always looking at the bad illegals (the ones that actually DO break the law). There are so many illegals here that work hard yet they go unnoticed.

    No, I don't support the Mexican Mafia or any other gangs.

    EDIT: I know what I said, and I don't consider coming to this country a crime. If you come to this country to steal, and kill then you are a criminal. I would love nothing more than to be legal 1 day.

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    You know what we need to do? We need to send the military in there, and just get rid of all of the gang members. Also we need to militarize the border, so that south american gangs cant come here.

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    Sorry but i have to respond to stunt man the key word is illegal they to are breaking the laws you even said so your self. and the reason Modesta said what he said is because he was to scared to say anything other he new what would happen if he said the Truth.

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    A gang is a gang is a gang . Don't much matter what gang there all punks !

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    I think we should oppose all ethnic mobs...not just the Mexican ones. Hmmm, there's a thought.

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    Why, IGSAR, they are of course just wanting a better life for their family...and doing the jobs that Americans won't do. ;) (sarcasm...really thick)

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