Are you serious about stopping the government corruption?

This petition IS authorized and REQUIRED by our constitution in maintaining a citizen controlled government. Not what we have right now or Bush would be doing what we say,not what haliburton or some corporation might want.


This is not pointing at any candidate, but at the Constitution, your personal bias or lack of factual knowledge is irrelevant. The Constitution has stood for over 2 centuries, unmatched in power and wealth,this country has gone unchallenged by anything but the unsupervised greed continuing behind closed doors.

Update 2:

The text of the Constitution prevents corruption as long as its content is upheld!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Yes we are serious about stopping government corruption,but you are pointing in the wrong direction. You must point your finger at the Congress. They insist on getting their pork for their states,so they add addendum's to each bill that comes along to get money for their state. They are only worried about getting reelected,so they think they must get lots of pork. They give themselves raises which no body else can do.

    They refuse to terminate committees that are useless as well has government agencies that are obsolete. Haliburton is one of the only companies large enough to handle the job they do in Iraq, and if they are over charging, they should be investigated by the government. I'm not just talking about the Democrats but also the Republicans. Since we are only getting half truths from the TV networks, we must get our news from the radio talk shows (we must not let congress shut them down) and the Internet. Yes we are serious about stopping the government corruption!

    Let's give the power back to the people!

  • Dave M
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    1 decade ago

    Don't think you will ever stop corruption but with the computers and programs that could be developed allot could be done to spotlight when things, (numbers), are not right and who is making them not right.

  • 1 decade ago

    I dont support Ron Paul,so no..I wont be signing this one

    Source(s): "anyone but Ron Paul"
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