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Could I sue ?

I was camping in the countryside once, when I decided to erect my tent in a field for the night.

I didn't realise it was a military weapons testing area!

Early that morning, I awoke to a tremendous bang and my tent was totally destroyed, a mortar had landed nearby! I wasn't hurt, but my tent is no more, the soldiers told me that the area was clearly signposted but I didn't see the sign as it was obscured by a hedgerow. I would like to know if I can sue the military for the cost of a new tent?

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    Yes you can sue! because your still alive, luckily, after your misadventure.

    Your problem will be establishing neglect of the army in not providing adequate signage and prominence of them.

    Whether or not you feel able to do so, you can be sure they will put up a "battle" forgive the obvious pun.

    They will also have a "war" chest significantly larger than yours and either your patience or finances will run out before the case is settled in your favour.

    It may be argued that you unwittingly contributed to your "folly" because you wrongly assumed your right to tresspass and camp there.

    My experience of such sites ids that they are sign posted commencing some distance from the site and they are remote from highly trafficed areas.

    The court would question you missing these signs, your routing from A 2 B, and the maps you had employed to determine that route.

    My point is that within that thinking process and reference to the maps you may have had opportunity to realise or discover the existence of the firing range and chose to give little weight to it.

    However the positives are in abundance.

    You're still alive.

    Your tent should be sold to the army reseach establishment as it has some "miracle" qualities that they should be interested in.

    Best answer, don't you think?

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    You pitched a tent on a military test range, got bombarded with mortars, and lived to tell the tale.

    And you're concerned about your tent? Count your blessings and walk away. You could be arrested for trespassing.

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    Walter you are wasting your time here on Yahoo Answers. You are a funny dude. You should be onstage at your local Improve. I have been reading your other questions and your answers as well. These people don't get it. Humor escapes some people when it is written down. By the way hide your question,and answers. The trolls will get you.

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    You have no grounds to sue. In fact, you should consider yourself fortunate that you were not arrested for tresspassing on government land. It was your responsibility to know that you were on the range, not theirs. The tent was destoyed though your own gross negligence, meaning you have no grounds at all for a law suit.

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    u cant u should hav read the sign plus the gov is always on the side of the military

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    I don't think you should sue...really, are you so clueless that you didn't realize that the area was an artillery test range? Did the craters not give it away? ahahah, I hope this is a joke.

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    Sure, anybody can sue anybody...or a ham sandwich.

    Could you win? No. It's YOUR responsibility to be aware of where you are and what you are doing....

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    I pray for the day when idiots are forced to take responsibility for their own screw ups, and this pathetic "Can I sue?" culture fades and dies.

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    Feel lucky you survived and move on with your life.

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    umm.. its just a tent

    buy a new one

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