Should she be my friend?

My bff is sometimes preppy. She always is rude to my other friends. When I tell her a secret she will say it out loud. She even told a guy who I don't like, that I liked him. I'm not saying shes not smart, shes a straight "A" student. Ever since she got the role of Sharpay (High School Musical) shes been acting like that. I don't know if I still can be her friend. Sometimes, shes nice. I still want to be her friend. Shes popular. Should I be her friend? Help!

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    Ok, it`s galant of u to wnt 2 remain hr frnd aftr what she has done to u on a continual basis with what sem`s 2 b ur consnt. If she does thing`s lk this to u, and u take it in stride, and d`nt lt hr kno ur feeling`s r b`ng hrt, hw is she to kno? Sm tm`s u hav 2 cm straight out and tl ppl hw u fl. Yt, it`s not wise 4 u to allow sm` 1 (evn those we care abt) to hrt u evn in jst. Ppl r just that, ppl, and whn they gt to know u, they fl they can do r sa ne thng to r abt us, and our fel`ng`s r not alway`s tkn in2 consideration. Especially whn ths person has bn allowed to do so ovr, and ovr agn. It could b in her eye`s she may fl that she`s, doing nothn wrng. U should not wndr if u shld remain hr frnd, but fnd out if she wnt`s to remain ur`s, and if she does, thn u nd to tl hr that she hurt`s ur fl`ng`s, and lt hr kno if she wnt`s to remain ur friend, she nd`s to show more respect 4 u and r ur fel`ng`s. ( If u have Ik my answer, and it hlp`s u n newa, and u r ne1 hav ?`s u fl I cn hlp u with plz direct thm to my Yahoo group Passion`s Fury! If I cn hlp n ne wa, I wl). It is alway`s wise that if u fl u hav a Frnd`shp worth sav`ng, u shld do all that u cn to do so, this wa if it does not wrk, u cn wlk awa knowing that u tried. I do hope that this hlp`s! Gd luk 2 u bth.

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    sounds like she's let the role go to her head.. if i were you i'd just tell her how you feel about the way she's acting and if she doesn't change... then she's probably not a good friend for you to have. Friendship is based on trust and it seems like you don't trust her that much

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    You wish. Get some real friends, not people that have never met you.

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