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I'm in college and I get the feeling that my life is completely worthless? Think about dying?

I still live with my parents and I feel trapped, I'm just waiting around in college, waiting for something to happen. Waiting for my life to start. I feel worthless. Sometimes I wonder if anyone would notice if I died.

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    Your college might have some sort of counselling available. Go check it out if because you sound quite depressed. Otherwise, I also agree that community service is good for the soul! And exercise is also a great idea, too. At this time of year, the weather is very grey and cold, so many people need help with the winter blues.

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    First off , You R in College ! do you know how many people don't get that opportunity ?

    You have a lot going for you and while your waiting for life to's passing you by !

    You have to grab onto life and make it happen for yourself.

    Don't just sit by and allow the moments of depression eat at you, when you dwell so much on being unhappy what do you think is going to happen?......yes thats right your going to be forever sad!!

    You can either choose to be unhappy......all the time

    or you can choose to do something about whats eating you.

    you have to deal with life's short coming's, Handle what you can and let Time take care of the things you have no control over.

    The way you look at life, neg/positive, has the most influence on how you live it.

    example; when a person is in a realtionship and said relationship goes sour and breaks-up, you can do one of two things you can sit around mourning it for the rest of your life, or you can see it for what it can be...a positive move in your life and get out there and live a happy existance a new beginning.

    Don't be afraid of living no matter what life may throw your way. There will always and forever be UP's and Downs for every day that we live but that is what living is all about.

    Just think about it !........How dull would life be if everything were perfect all the time ? would there ever be real appreciation for living if there weren't lousy times now and then?

    Please just live the life you were given to the best of your abilities and don't take life so seriously. There are always those worse off than others and they find ways to make it :)

    not wanting to live is a very selfish act because there is always some one we leave behind who we have touched and made at least a small difference to.

    Don't waste the thought put the energy into living.

    you can't wait for things'd be waiting forever!

    Get out there and Make Life Happen !

    Source(s): my own opinion ....Hard learned !
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    Common, don't kill yourself. You and I both know that high school is detrimentally one of the WORST events that adolescents go through. It's one of the toughest, grueling, emotionally draining things there is, and it has absolutely nothing to do with the academics. I swear, I probably remember maybe 30% of the things that I actually learned in class, and the rest of what I remember is all of the fakeness, the snobby kids, the hype surrounding NOTHING (such as cliques, football games, ridiculous pep rallies, etc...) And what I found when I graduated high school in 2008 and now I've been in college for 2 years, is that absolutely EVERYTHING from high school doesn't matter at all once you leave. It's like high school is this little world and once you break free of it, YOU ARE FREE. And you'll never have to go back there again. College is a completely different fresh world where you can actually breathe for once. It's a nice thing to realize. And right now I have a sister who is still in high school and when I hear here talking about all of her high school problems, I'll always just tell her not to sweat any of that stuff, because as soon as you graduate, it's OVER, the slate is wiped clean and you can start over! :) don't worry about those so called friends who talk behind your back. they don't matter. they really don't. who cares what they say about you. who cares who they are entirely? in a few months, you don't even have to give them the time of day. :) good luck gurl!! :D and college is a good experience!!! go for it!! :)

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    I think many people feel a bit like that at some point in their lives. But you're young, you've so much time to live the life you may have dreamed of, so many opportunities. Do NOT lose hope!! Things WILL happen! I, too, would like my life to move a bit quicker at this time, but I know things will move on.

    Maybe you have interests/passions (sport/music/acting/art/chess/book clubs/charity work - anything) that you could pursue in the meantime, and your life might 'take off' itself. Charity work would be particularly good, I think, and any kind of physical exercise helps. Maybe you do these things anyway - I'm just making suggestions, not telling you how to run your life ;~)

    And yes - I am positive people would notice, and care very much, if you died. People never know just how much others care about them - sometimes it doesn't become obvious just how much they were loved until they die, and then it's too late.

    Please consider talking to a counsellor re some tips on how to remain positive when things aren't going well.

    A doctor could help, too - sometimes chemical imbalances etc. that are completely out of our control can provoke/exacerbate these feelings.

    All the best ; ~)


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    I felt the same way when I was living with my mom and in school. But the main reason why I was so depressed and listless was because I didn't know what I was interested in, or what I wanted to do with my life after I got out of school. I was also extremely shy, and had few friends. I would ask yourself what you want most out of life, maybe talk to a career counselor who will help you narrow down the fields that might be suitable for you based on your personality and character. If you are anything like me and alot of others I know, you will experience a LOT in your 20's that will help you figure things out. I am 30 now, and nothing like I was when I was 20, most people wouldn't even recognize me. I now have a clear picture of who I am and where I am going, something I was clueless about 10 years ago. But keep in mind that nothing is going to just fall in your lap. You have to be proactive and meet a lot of different people and try a lot of different things in order to decide who you are and who you want to be....

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    I think you are depressed, maybe will be a good idea to see a doctor. Sometimes College could be overwhelming and stressfull. Your life already started! it starts since you were born, you dont need nobody to love you, you need to love you yourself and apreciate what you have, even is is little...Think for a moment how lucky you are living with your parents in a confortable home when so many people have no home, no food, no ways to be in school, living in a dark ugly third world country with no means to be somebody some day,only misery surrounding...Be happy! is so easy! you are young, you have future...How many are old, sick in wheelchairs or deformated?...

    Honestly, go outside and be happy, proud of yourself, look to the future, build your life the way you want it and stop being a cry baby!

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    I'm in college right now and I'm studying to become a nurse. Right now i am in LPN school but i hope to become an RN afterwords. Bear with me i know this is going to be along answer. I was living with my cousin because my wife moved back to her home town to attend a university there. I was in the middle of a semester so i had to stay there. She passed away recently and we have two kids together so its very stressful going to school and thinking about our kids and her every day. I Realized she had a lot of friends by how many people were hurt and saddened by her dying. Know that a lot of people would miss you more than you know and i think it would leave a huge hole in there lives as well. Just work hard and when you graduate you will see the fruits of your success.

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    You are NOT worthless, someone, somewhere, is just WAITING for you to discover them! Once you discover them, they are going to be so happy to make you happy! You will be filled with joy because of them...

    Anything worth anything is worth the wait!

    Are you on any medications that could cause your mind's thoughts to be altered? Please talk to your doctor about these feelings! Please talk to your parents, your friends, even the ones that you don't think care...because they do. I don't even know you and I CARE!

    Source(s): (((((hugs))))) and ****kisses***** to you!
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    Sweetheart, I'm turning 24 tomorrow, jsut graduated from college, still looking for work and still living at my mom''s a phase, dont worry pet...and you are valuable! i dont know you but tihnk you're cool!

    Source(s): Catholic Girl
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    You are very valuable. Why don't you volunteer your time with neighborhood kids. Tutoring/ sports, etc. Once you see that you are making a change in will get it.

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