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Have you ever heard of the loan company Rate Genius?

My husband and I have been thinking of refiniancing our autoloan for our 2006 Mazda Tribute. We are financed with Mazda American Credit at 8.5% interest. We bought it new almost two years ago this May. The reason isn't so much the payments every month - we can make them just fine - but rather it is the interest.

We went to and got quotes from 4 different companies - 1 was Capital One Auto Finance and the other three were companies we have never heard of: First Again LLC, Bank of Internet, and Rate Genius. They all had similar quotes ranging from 6.99% (Bank of Internet) to 7.99% (Capital One). However, I keep getting calls from Rate Genius saying they can lower my interest rate to 5.95%. I have good credit, but this sounds like one of those offers that are too good to be true. The main issue I have is that I have never heard of this company and I don't know if they are rebutable. Does anyone know anything about them? Thanks~


This would be a fixed loan

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    1 decade ago
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    I didn't see anything about them in the when I searched their name so that's a good sign. Hey, if somebody will loan you money to refinance cheaper than anyone else just make sure you read the fine print. Good luck.

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  • 5 years ago

    Great to work with. Saved a lot of Money! Excellent interest rates!

    Mark was great to work with. He found me sensible rates that will save me a lot of money.

    Be patient with the paperwork. There are pages to be filled out and notarized. Once the papers are sent in the refinance was completed for me in 10 days or less.

    I could see the old lenders account paid off online, plus they build in a 30-45 day break from payments (most refinance companies do this.)

    I highly recommend Rategenius.

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    5 years ago


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    5 years ago

    Want to find out more about this as well

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    5 years ago

    why are all the answers so dull and short these days?

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