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Can you suggest comedians, who are on tour at some point in the future?

I am looking for some live comedy at some point in the future, in and around the london area, any sugestions?

Comedians that i like include:

Ross Noble

Lee Evans

Lee Mack

Chris Rock

Omid Djalili

Jimmy Carr


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  • 1 decade ago
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    go to full mooners. you are so DAMN lucky, all the best comedians go to just the tonic in london, though us nottinghammers arent doing too bad either = )

    another gem of a place: loads of famous gooduns go there.

    ALSO: this lady and famous canadian comic phil nichol run a night called "old rope" and that is EXCELLENT. god im jealous of you. <just the tonic for notts. comedians ive seen live at OUR JTT and and i think you'll love are: Lucy porter, mark watson (ive seen him thrice now), ed byrne, ian moore (my first ever show) and rob rouse. rob rouse is excellent. dont read about them before hand, reviews are deceiving.

    THIS is a gem of a place, chortle dot com, use it and abuse it: click which part of london and what date and it'll come up with LOADS of comedians. being that youre in london and im in notts, you'll be drowningin great comics and break through acts to go and see.

    if you havent heard of a comic then copy their name, go to you tube, paste, you may find some hilarious clips that give you genuine love for a slightly less popular comedian.


    have fun, laugh your bum off.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Jeff dunham

  • 1 decade ago

    check out the obama-clinton comedy team. they're touring here in the u.s., and they pretty funny

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