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Are webkinz better than neo pets?

My daughter says that she wants 3 webkinz for her b-day and some neo pets too. I only have enough money to buy one or the other. What should I do?

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    webkinz might cost a little more, because you have to buy the stuffed animal, and you said she wants three of them, and i think Neo pets are free, but the Webkinz website is cooler and theres more things you can do on it than on Neo pets, which is just basically a lot of pages.

    I think Webkinz might be better.

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    Neopets isn't like webkinz, its more like you make an account with a miximum of 4 pets for free than buying a webkinz and activating it. Webkinz also has an expiry date on it, so when it expires, you have to buy a new webkinz. So, you should only give her about 2 webkinz to sart, then adding onto it every few months.

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    Webkinz's are way actually get a real animal you can carry around and care for online. With neopets, you can only see them online and it is not as kid friendly. Webkinz world is mmore like a world, where you have a home and stuff like that. Neopets, you have a home but you can't give it a theme and furnish it. You can send messages to other Webkinz's and you can also send gifts. So, even though it is more expensive, webkinz is more kid friendly and the better choice.

    ........................................if you can get three, check ebay , some stores have them for 15 and others have them for 10........ go on the website and you can see which 3 she would like. There's loads of different animals to choose from, maybe she only likes one.

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    Neopets have stuffed animals, but their site registration is free. At Webkinz, to register, you will need to purchase a Webkinz stuffed animal. I personally would choose Webkinz -- their environment is much much more safe and suited for kids like your daughter -- educational at the same time, but beware, it is a very addicting game and you yourself might become playing the game one day.

    To find out more about Webkinz, go to - There are many moms there who play and their daughters play too whom you can talk to.

    A site made especially for Webkinz moms is -- they all actually play the game, but they are good go-to gals if you have any questions starting out for your daughter. :-) Good luck!

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    Yes, but Webkinz u have to buy, they are around 15.00 dollars and Neopets is free unless u just want the little doll.

    Neopets u play for free but Webkinz u have to play, its suppose to be a lot better, Neopets isn't that great....

    Hope that helps!

  • Anonymous
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    i used to play on neopets all the time when i was younger ... and it was free and it didn't require you to buy a stuffed animal for a code like on webkinz.

  • Anonymous
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    um.. id ont pay attention to that stuff, but my liitle sister seems to like the real animal doll than those made up crap creatures

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