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What does this dutch phrase mean? "ik wil je pypen".?

i was talking to someone dutch and they said to say it and wouldnt tell me what it meant, i wacked it into a translater but wouldnt pick up the word pypen, which makes me think its slang...sorry if its rude...which it probably is.

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    It's "Ik wil je pijpen" and it means "I want to give you a bl*wjob".

    Source(s): I'm Flemish
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    Ik Wil Je

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    yaacha aartha aasa hoto ki jevha tuzya aaichya bhokat tuzya vadilancha bamboo ghusto tevya tuzi aai palat sutte

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    wil= want

    Je= You

    pygen? pijpen?

    ^^ i want to suck your dick

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