The People of the State of New York or the People of Dane County? *anyone may answer not just those two groups

When a mother decides to check on her 15 year old daughter’s online activities, she is horrified to discover that a couple has been writing erotic “fantasy” e-mails to her. In these e-mails there has been penetration of the girl by the couples “fantasy” children, their “fantasy” friends and by a man known only as Chris. The girl’s mother is even more horrified to learn as she prints out email after email that her daughters wants the couple to include her real life ten year old sister, and for her to be penetrated in these “fantasy” e-mails. Despite several disclaimers in the emails stating that the couple has no intentions of meeting the 15 year old, the mother report the emails to the Madison Police Department and Unit 948 begins an investigation that extends all the way down out east to Manhattan, New York where a jurisdictional issue is raised following an investigation by Manhattan’s Famed “Special Victims Unit”*.


Who gets Jurisdiction? *Dane County is home to Wisconsin's State Capital of Madison where the story originates.

Update 2:

It's looking like an episode of SVU may end up the result of this case as NYPD is going to win the fight. The girl lives in the city of Madison, and the Madison PD is the first to receive word of the crime in question. Is there any argument for allowing the Dane County District Attorney's Office to pursue the matter?

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    1 decade ago
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    Herein lies the problem with internet crimes. NYPD should have primary jurisdiction with Madison PD assisting.

    Source(s): Me, a police officer
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    1 decade ago

    Madison PD would have jurisdiction. Although the e-mails were sent to a juvenile in NY, they were written and sent from outside the city. Madison PD could inform the police that this situation is occuring. The two agencies may work in conjuction with each other but the city/state where the e-mails originated from would have jurisdiction.

    Source(s): work in law enforcement
  • 1 decade ago

    Wow, Why waste your time. Boot your stupid daughter off the internet. She is just as bad as the sickos on the other side.

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