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Mrs.Claus and Santa Claus-What is Mrs.Claus first name? What do you think her first name is?

Have you ever wondered what is Mrs.Clauses first name, I can't find it anywhere and it isn't in the bible, what do you think Santa's wife first name is?

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    You won't find it anywhere in the bible. But in my guessing, I would say Mrs Claus's first name is Mrs Holly Joy Claus. Her husband's first name is Nicolas Santa Claus. Holly & Nick!

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    Mrs. Claus' full name is Jessica Mary Claus. No, you are not going to find this answer in the bible. However, her mother picked her middle name after the mother of Jesus.

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    Accept the fact Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus aren't real. Ask your mom. Are you 6 or something?

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    It's Jessica.

    Haven't you ever seen that one movie, and it lays out Santa's life starting from birth?

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    YEP it's Jessica

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