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Anzac Day

A few questions about Anzac Day.

Who was involved in Anzac Day??

When did the event happen?

Why did the event happen?

And what occurred?


Please answer in ENGLISH

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    澳洲和新西蘭軍團,縮寫澳紐軍團(英文Australian and New Zealand Army Corps, 縮寫ANZAC)是一支參加過第一次世界大戰加里波利之戰(以失敗告終)、中東和西部戰線的聯軍。


    在澳洲和新西蘭,當年聯軍在加里波利登陸的日期,4月25日被定為法定假日:澳紐軍團日(英文:ANZAC Day).

    Source(s): 維基百科
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