How to word an obituary -?

Having trouble with wording: In the "Survivors include" section, there are at least seven nieces and nephews, but only one niece and one nephew who were especially close to the deceased, and whose names should be included with the immediate family. (Children and grandchildren)

The others were so far removed in relationship that it seems pointless to list them all by name. Usually obituaries say something generic like "several nieces and nephews also survive", but it doesn't sound right naming only one or two and not the would I do this?

Sincere suggestions are welcome and appreciated, but please be sensitive when responding. (This is for a close, beloved family member - so flippant, smart-alecky responses will be reported.)

Thanks for your help.

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    You can say:

    also survived by Joe Smith, Jane Doe and other nieces and nephews.

    or you can say:

    Also survived by several nieces and nephews including Jane Doe and John Smith.

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    I am very sorry for your loss.

    I would slip the names in after Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren...include a dear close friend to the family if you can to make it sound more a little more hidden. If the other nieces and nephews are so removed from the family and understand the close relationship their cousins had with their Aunt/Uncle then they wont think anything of it.

    Sons, Jack and wife, John and wife, Daughter Jill and Husband. 5 Grandchildren, and 3 Great Grandchildren, Bill Nephew, Jill Niece, Jamie Dearest Friend and numerous family and very close family friends.

    If you think there is going to be a big to do over it, then list all the first names only with those closest as the first 2 listed.

    If you still think it may be of anyone else close to the situation and seek their suggestion.

    Best Wishes and Thoughts!

  • I'm sorry for your loss. I don't know if you can include just a few and not the rest without offending the others. If the niece/nephews parents are still alive (and i'm assuming that their parents would be the deceased siblings - that this is niece/nephew not great niece/nephew) maybe you could say Mr. and Mrs. Sister X(Maiden) Brother-in-law Last & specific niece. I don't know if that would upset family members or not.

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    It should include all names of the nieces and nephews or none at all. If you start to point special people out it usually just makes the others feel like they were of no importance to the deceased and more importantly the person/persons gathering the necessary information for the obituary. There's nothing worse then people griping at a funeral.

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    You should not name any of the neices and nephews.

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