voice type?

I'm really confused about my voice type.

Okay. my voice teacher says I'm a soprano 2 b/c my voice is *mature* for my age. But like on youtube.. when I watch videos, I don't think my voice is as rich as the mezzo sopranos but not as light as sopranos. so i'm really confused. I can hit above the staff pretty comfortabley - up to a soprano C comfortabley.. & above that is like ehh.

apparently, i got put into soprano 1 for "music man".


so confused.


& i always get soprano music @ voice lessons. like not from the mezzo-soprano book but the soprano soprano one. =/

Update 2:

thanks for the replies.

& jw. is there anyway i can change the sound of my voice for certain roles? how? like johanna from sweeney todd

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    okay, on the postive side: your chorus director has ket you in the soprano section, and not immediately damned you to sing alto, just because your voice is a little more mature than some of the others. There are hundreds of girls who get dumped into the altos just because of that.

    did you know, one authority tells us there are 9 different types of soprano voices? Not all of them have to be high and light, although most girls start out that way.

    You are probably mid-teens at most, huh? Your voice has still a long way to go before it is fully grown, even though youhave your puberty changes behind you. Trust your voice teacher to guide you along the way.

    Also, what you hear on youtube or any other recording is not always a clear and accurate representation of the person's voice. First off, most of them are miked. And electronically enhanced to make them sound richer. It takes long years of training the voice to come away with that full a sound without a microphone ( but that's what opera singers do- no mikes).

    Enjoy music man, it's a fun show, and learn to be comfortable with the voice you do have, not someone else's ideal.

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    I agree with I.Jones that a true countertenor would be the best voice to sing castrati repertoire. I do enjoy hearing countertenors (usually at Early Music Concerts). It is certainly a type of voice that one does not hear on popular radio/TV. A fan of Early Music, Julian of N

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    omg...i'm a soprano too and i absolutely LOVE the music man...i was amariliss when i was young...as for your question, don't worry about how rich your voice is...over time it will get richer...my voice teacher is very impressed with me right now...keep up all your hard work in your lessons and it will pay off i promise...hope this helps! =]

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    You should really just go with what you are comfortable with.

    I had the same problem. I was put into Sop. 2 because I had a richer voice, but I felt better going with Sop. 1. I could hear harmony better versus Sop. 2 which I was horrible at. Just let your voice teacher know what you feel better doing.

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    Sing what's comfortable. You don't need to worry about your voice type until you're older. If you've got the notes without straining or pushing, then you will be fine.

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    you could either be the dramatic soprano or the lyrical soprano.

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