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THC drug test help?????

I smoked weed for 6 months a few times a day.....i stopped 2 weeks ago and have a job interview next week that will require a drug test....I weigh about u think ill be okay???? If long will it be in my system???

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    The true and tested answer for THC/Marijuana if it is the FIRST URINE TEST and not a post fail CONFIRMATION TEST:

    Lots of water. Start drinking water as soon as you know if less than 4 hours prior to test. Caffeine and Cranberry DO help. The diuretic expells a lot of the existing fluids in your body that contain THC so that the water you take in will flush out the THC. Diuretic liquids coffee, cranberry, etc should be started ideally 3-4 hours before the test. Water should be constantly consumed 3-4 hours before the test. NoDoz caffeine pills are a good option too, just don't combine more than 8 cups of caffeine all around - you don't want to be frazzled/shaking/sweating in front of the examiner :)

    If available, take a prescription diuretic 3-4 hours prior to test - such as 30-70mg Lasix (ferosemide). Do not take more - it can be VERY dangerous at higher dosage or if you have liver problems!

    There is NO NEED to start hydrating with water and taking caffeine prior to 4 hours!!! Myths of drinking all you can a day or days before the test are useless - the only result is the liquids taken 3-4 hours before the test.

    Take Vitamin B complex at 1,000% of RDA (more than that not needed - you can buy a bottle of 1 caplet servings with the 1,000% reccomended Daily allowance at any pharmacy - one 'brand' is called B SuperMAXI complex - but any will do at that 1,000% RDA) 2-3 hours before the test - this WILL definitely make your pee yellow... unnaturally so, but better than clear - a clear sample most likely will be rejected as altered. Vitamin C does nothing.

    Pee as much as you can prior to the test. If you continue to drink water, you should be able to squeeze out plenty for the test (you should be peeing about every 15 minutes prior to the test if you follow this).

    Bingo... Test passed. If you are still afraid before the test and have time, go to the drug store and test yourself for about $14. Get the THC Only test if available... the ALL DRUGS test is like $40. If you pass the home test, you will pass the clinic test. The home test at $14 from CVS tells you the results AT HOME in 15 minutes. Very easy to do! (the instructions look very confusing, but it really is simple to figure out once you open the box and look at the kit and start the test!!! If you fail the home test - try to postpone the clinic test - even a day will help! Redo the home test again before going. Even if you fail the home test, I don't think the clinic/hiring company can release your failure, so might as well go get the clinic test if you don't care THAT MUCH for the company you have applied to. You might luck out with an inconclusive result at the clinic.

    Massive water and vitamin B complex for yellow color may be enough by itself, but for a 'theoretical' heavy long term smoker who 'may have' smoked 5 hours prior to the test, the above HAS DEFINITELY WORKED.

    If you don't have 3-4 hours notice - drink as much fluid as you can in the time you have and TRY HARD to pee AT LEAST ONCE before peeing for the test sample!!!!

    This will DO NOTHING for hair or blood testing for THC - think your done if you have to have either of these... But Urine testing is still the #1 test given for employment.

    Golden Rod is being tested for in some tests these days so it is now a 'gotcha' substance. Other internet products are a waste of $$$$.

    If you have ALREADY FAILED the initial screening test, you will NOT pass a comfirmation test no matter what you do (except using another person's pee or the test center processes it wrong - that does happen a lot!). The initial test reads for 50nano(somethings...) and if you fail that, the confirmation test checks for MUCH lower (10nano something) levels of THC... I doubt you could reduce the THC levels enough in the time available for the retake...

    If you are truly 2-3 weeks clean, just the water and vitamin B should get you by EASY...

    Good luck! Pee away!

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    Drink A LOT of water. THC sticks to your fatty cells and usually stay in your system for about 30-45 days minimum. If you have a little extra baggage go to a health supplement store and buy Golden Seal Root. Make sure it's the ROOT. Take 8 during the day every day until your pee test.

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    Ohh maan, if you weigh 250 then probably not it really depends on the type of test. But THC is stored in fat so if your more fat then probably not. And in those 2 weeks you would have to be drinking lots of liquids!

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    THC shows in urine tests 21-30 days after using, and if they "hair test"'re in BIG trouble, because that shows WAAAAAAY back! Weight has nothing to do with it. It's in your BLOOD still. Don't think, even if you pass, that you can still smoke. They will likely random test from time to time.

    Make up your mind if you want a job, or want to be a stoner.

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