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Anyone here knows pig latin?

If you happend to... do you also happen to know what "Lxnay" is/means? What is it?

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    I think, as did the last person who answered, that what you had was Ixnay, where the first letter was an I, not an L. To form a word in Pig Latin, the first consonant(s) are moved to the end of the word, and 'ay' is added. Thus...

    nix . . . . ixnay

    cat . . . . atcay

    chop . . . . opchay

    school . . . . oolschay

    and so on.

    If a word begins with a vowel, 'way' is added:

    oh . . . . ohway

    art . . . . artway

    and so on.

    'Nix' is a corruption of the German 'nichts' (not, nothing) and is often used to warn someone from doing something. 'Nix on that!' or, simply, 'Ixnay!'

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    You probably mean IXNAY

    Pig Latin version of nix; possibly the only Pig Latin phrase to enter common English besides amscray.

    Ixnay and amscray were used widely in "The Three Stooges" shorts, possibly the main source of popularity for the words.


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    well, it would mean lxn, whatever that is

    if you're thinking of ixnay, it means nix, as in get rid of

    sorry i couldn't help more

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