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Did the designer of watterson towers kill himself because he knew it was unstable and would collapse?

I tried to search for the designer of watterson towers and there were very little results to be found. I can't find much information on the design company, Allied Design Consultants. On wikipedia a Sir Daniel S. Knapp is mentioned but also can't be found online and I don't even know his relevance to the story. It seems rather like there is a conspiracy going on. As a builder to one of the tallest dorms in the world I would want my name on it but mysteriously no one wanted theirs on watterson. I go to Illinois State and have been told watterson is a death trap. I have even been told by a member of the Fire department that if a fire did start in watterson only the ten lower floors would have any chance of making it out. I can't find anything on the design company either.

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    Watterson Towers is a student residence hall at Illinois State University, in Normal, Illinois. Located at the corner of Beaufort Street and Fell Avenue, it was completed in 1967. The 28-story complex holds over 2,200 students and standing at 91m (298.5 feet) it is the tallest dormitory in the world [1]. It is also the tallest point between Chicago and St. Louis. [2] Watterson Towers was named after Arthur W. Watterson, a popular Professor of Geography from 1946-1966. He joined the geography faculty in 1946 and was chosen to head the department in 1951.

    Watterson is composed of 10 houses, each considered its own residence hall. The houses are named after the first ten men to hold the office of United States Secretary of State. The entire building is divided into two towers. Each tower is divided into five houses. Each house is divided into five floors. Each floor divided into four suites, except on the third floor, which is divided into two suites for elevator access. In the North Tower, the houses, from bottom to top, are Jefferson House, Randolph House, Pickering House, Marshall House and Madison House. In the South Tower, bottom to top, the houses are Smith House, Monroe House, Adams House, Clay House, and Van Buren House. The houses are located across from each other, joined by a breezeway only on the third floor of the houses.

    Campus View, top of Watterson Towers

    Campus View, top of Watterson Towers

    The building's unique design prevents it from having full elevator service. Of the 8 elevators that operate in the building, there is a maximum of nine stops, eight of which students have access to (maintenance level is for staff only): Service Level, Formal (Lobby) Level, Smith-Jefferson Breezeway, Monroe-Randolph Breezeway, Adams-Pickering Breezeway, Marshall-Clay Breezeway, Madison-Van Buren Breezeway and the Informal Level. Each breezeway level is the third floor of each house. A resident who lived on Clay 4 would stop at the Marshall-Clay Breezeway and then need to walk up one flight of stairs to reach his room.

    Sir Daniel S. Knapp resided here before his suicidal death in 2004.[

    The only reference to it being unsafe is the fact there are only 8 stops for students. I found no reference about Knapp being the designer.


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    Watterson Towers Isu

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