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Ob-Gyn's in Terre Haute, Indiana?

Prolly a long shot, but I just thought I'd ask if anyone on here could reccomend another doctor for me....

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    Hi there! I'm from Perrysville and my third baby was delivered by Dr. Malik at Union. I suppose this won't help you too much, but even though a lot of people like him, I really can't recommend him. He's really nice, and his nurses are dolls! But after my c-section my inscision became infected and I needed antibiotics (for 9 LONG weeks). I made sure to remind him that I was nursing and asked if all four of the meds were safe to take. He said they were. However, the pharmacist said, nope, Flagyl isn't safe for the baby. So I called his office and at the end of the day a nurse finally called back and left a message saying that Dr. Malik said to pump and dump. And that's what I did. My milk supply never recovered. My son was mostly bottlefed until he started solids, since he needed less milk to fill up on.

    So, who are you seeing now and why do you want to change docs? I'm pregnant with my fourth and am wanting a natural birth. I'm going to get ahold of the midwives at Union Hospital if I can ever get my mind to focus enough to remember to write the number down!

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