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Alabama Unemployment benefits question?

Is it true someone can quit their job and collect benefits simply because they live more than 50 miles away from work? Would that be one way or round trip? I'm asking because I have an 82 mile commute round trip to work and the gas is killing me. Jobs are scarce near me because it's a rural area but I could manage for a while on benefits while I find something or go to school.


My husband has a very good job and I have been employed for 20 years with no lapse. I've never claimed benefits before so I think I deserve some credit. I don't need welfare, just a break from the economy crunch.

Update 2:

Unemployment benefits are NOT welfare! It's insurance that you can survive if you lose your job and I read somewhere if your commute is too long to be beneficial you can quit your job (as opposed to being laid off or fired) and still get the benefits.

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    Alabama's Department of Industrial Relations:

    Unemployment benefits:

    Information about unemployment compensation:

    It's a 33-page long PDF. On page 11, it says "The Alabama Unemployment Compensation Law provides for a delay or

    disqualification from receipt of benefits if: 1. you voluntarily quit your job without a good cause connected with the work. Personal reasons, such as a lack of transportation, moving to another town, etc., are not considered good work connected causes for quitting a job."

    While it doesn't say anything about commuting distance, it is a somewhat similar situation. So, I'm going to say the answer to your question is "NO, you cannot quit and qualify for benefits."

    Have you thought about moving from your rural area? Take into consideration the amount of money you pay on gas and add it to the amount you currently pay for rent to determine whether you could afford to live closer to work. Also, can you carpool? Does anyone else live near you that works near your job? Public transportation is probably out of the question, but perhaps not.

    Also ask if your employer if you can telecommute - if your job is computer-related perhaps you can work 2 days from home, thus saving your commute.

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    I'm in CA, so I don't know anything about AL's unemployment laws (or Ca's for that matter, lol) but that doesn't really sound right to me. Here is a link you can find out more info on:

    The poster who assumes you are a Democrat has to be a Republican... making ignorant, insipid comments like that, and the inane pretzel logic behind it has gotten this country into the shameful state it's in now. They obviously have "forgotten" WHY gas is so high right now. And it's even higher than the amount at the pumps; it's been paid for with the lives of our American (Democrat) kids. Oh yeah... and none of the Republicans in this administration have ever BEEN in a war, nor have their kids. They don't have to worry about paying for anything, most of the Republican money has been paid for by the blood, sweat, & tears of other people. Not EARNED by going to work every day. Sorry, PK... I didn't mean to go off on a rant, but that kind of ignorance infuriates me. I hate it when people don't know what they're talking about, but presume to get on their indignant soap box and preach to everyone else. Good luck with your job search, too bad you don't have a rich daddy to pay for your education.

    Source(s): ***Star made some excellent suggestions... telecommuting (even part time if you can't do it full time) would help a lot. I don't know about your job, but some of our employees get "gas cards" and the company pays for their gas if they are Republicans (JK!) and that would really help out. You might want to discuss it with your boss, & ask if you could be compensated in a different way for your long commute (not only the expense of gas, but for the wear & tear on your vehicle which also adds up. Maybe a small salary increase, or they could pay more for your medical benefits, maybe shares in the company or matching 401k? They can be creative with compensation, so don't be afraid to think "outside the box." Good luck!
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    I dunno Pretty Kitty, it seems kind of strange. Of course, I live in Arizona so it is a bit different here. Here its a very unbalanced system, you make too much if you are a 19 yr old girl living on your own with a child, working part time at Jack in the box and going to school. Yet, you can be a supposed family of 6 with a residence on the south side of the border (Mexico) yet can present a U.S. PO Box for an address, be totally unemployed because you don't speak english and receive bennies for yourself, your hubby in Mexico and your 19 kids. Figure that one out and you are a genius. And everyone wonders why the U.S. has budget problems???

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    You've got to be a democrat. Slide as easy as you can through life. Heck just quit and get on the welfare system, and apply for food stamps. We all suffer from the price of gas, and we aren't quitting our jobs.

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