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We've discussed 10 best bands, What are the 10 best solo Artists.?

Jimi Hendrix

Bruce Springsteen

Trisha Yearwood

Aretha Franklin

Chuck Berry

Marvin Gaye

Bob Seager

Stevie Nicks

Tom Petty

Alan Jackson

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    Tom petty

    Jimmi Hendrix

    Van Morrison

    Jimmy Buffet

    Aretha Franklin

    Randy Newman

    Joni Mitchelle

    Muddy Waters

    Rod Stewart

    Neil Diomond

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    Aretha Franklin

    Marvin Gaye

    Otis Redding

    Kanye West

    Alicia Keys

    Elton John

    Billie Holiday

    Christina Aguliara


    John Mayer

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    Immortal Technique

    Tech N9ne

    Bob Marley

    [DJ] Dieselboy

    Hans Zimmer

    Steve Jablonsky

    Kanye West

    Aphex Twin

    Michael Jackson

    Frank Klepacki

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    Too difficult. Too many great artists. I couldn't pick only 10, will list l0 female and 10 male: the first that come to mind. FEMALE: Tracy Chapman, K.D. Lang, K.T. Tundstall, Carley Simon, Ann Murray, Sarah McLaughlin, Celine Dion, Melanie, Lisa Marie Presley, Barbara Streisand. MALE: Cat Stevens, Gordon Lightfoot, Jim Croce; James Taylor, Bob Marley, Van Morrison, Elvis Presley, David Gray, Ron Sexsmith, Neil, Young. To name a few.

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    1.james brown

    2. Michael jackson

    3. Marvin Gaye

    4. Miles davis

    5 B.B. king

    6. Tina Turner

    7. Aretha Franklin

    8. Barry white

    9. Stanley Clarke

    10. Duke Ellington

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    My Top Ten for R & B (no particular order):


    Marvin Gaye

    James Brown

    Curtis Mayfield

    Luther Vandross

    Aretha Franklin

    Stevie Wonder

    Chuck Berry

    Jimi Hendrix

    Lionel Richie

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    1. Bruce Springsteen

    2. Bruce Springsteen

    3. Bruce Springsteen

    4. Bruce Springsteen

    5. Bruce Springsteen

    6. Bruce Springsteen

    7. Bruce Springsteen

    8. Bruce Springsteen

    9. Bruce Springsteen

    10. Bruce Springsteen


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    Aretha Franklin

    Otis Redding

    Whitney Houstin (b4 crack is wack )

    Mariah Carey

    Michael Bolton



    Christina Agulira

    Luther Vandross

    Usher and one more (Alicia Keys )

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    1.leona lewis


    3.alicia keys

    4. chris brown

    5.soulja boy


    7.lil mama

    8.avril lavinge

    9.mariah carey

    10.whitney houston

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    1. Britney Spears

    2. Madonna

    3. Michael Jackson

    4. Elvis Presley

    5. Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus

    I can't think of anymore... I know that all of those though are pretty high up there. I'm talking selling-wise, not who I like the most.

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