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drug test at job interview?

hey i have a job interview on wed they also do a physical and drug test. well i dont do drugs but i have high blood pressure a little high. and they do test for high blood pressure at that time. my question is i was going to take some blood pressure pills. to get it down a little. but will thise pills show up on the drug test. or do they only test for illegal drug its a safeway company / vons

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    They test for illegal drugs. Most large companies do a drug test for new applicants.

    The most common type of pre-employment drug test is a urine test. It is the easiest and least expensive test to give, and is used by most companies to screen employees for use of illegal drugs. It usually can detect use of drugs for the past few days to a week. Chronic users can expect their urine to detect drugs even 30 days after the last dose. Don't assume you are in the clear if you take a few days off from your recreational drugs. Many variables affect the presence of drugs in the urine, including metabolism, frequency of use, potency of the drug in question, and hydration of the individual. Depending on the employer and the type of position you are applying for, a blood or hair test can also be given. These tests are expensive, but can detect a larger variety of chemicals and for a longer time period.

    Drug screens do not measure how much drug is in the urine, simply if a drug is present or not. Only these drugs are tested for in a standard drug screen:

    * Marijuana (cannabis, hash)

    * Cocaine (crack, benzoylecognine)

    * Opiates (heroin, opium, morphine)

    * PCPs (phencyclidine)

    * Amphetamines (speed, methamphetamines)

    Tests are not given to determine the presence of any other compounds. The test will not know if you are taking anti-retroviral medication so do not stop taking anti-retroviral medication because of an upcoming drug screen!!!

    Expanded tests can look for barbiturates, benzodiazepines, methadone, and propoxyphene. Sometimes, alcohol is tested for, but usually during tests given after you are hired, or if there is a question of your sobriety, not for pre-employment. Few companies test for LSD, MDA, mescaline, or inhalants.

    Your future employer wants to know if you are using illicit drugs, not if you are taking medication prescribed by a doctor. If you test positive for any of these drugs you will be asked by a Medical Review Officer (MRO) who performs the test to show proof of a legal prescription. This will be reported to the employer as a negative result. You must be honest with the Medical Review Officer, but you do not have to disclose your HIV status or HIV medications. If you take Sustiva, certain urine tests will show a positive result for marijuana in error. If this occurs, ask the MRO to confirm the test with another brand of urine test. (False positive tests occur only with the CEDIA DAU Multi-level THC assay.)

    Examples of prescription drugs that can cause a positive test are drugs for pain, sleeplessness, anxiety, neuropathy, and others. Acetaminophen (Tylenol) with codeine, alprazolam (Xanax), diazepam (Valium), lorazepam (Ativan), Marinol, tincture of opium, hydrocodone (Anexsia or Hydrocet) and methadone all will cause positive test results. Again, be honest with the MRO. It is your responsibility to clear up any positive results of the drug test. Positive results resulting from a prescribed drug are reported as negative to the employer. Copies of prescription receipts or medical records will be very helpful to the MRO. A pharmacist can easily give you copies of prescription receipts if you need them.

    If you think you have a foolproof way to "trick" the tests into giving false negative results, you might be fooled yourself. I am certain the MROs have heard and seen everything. The McDonald's poppy-seed bun trick is not going to work! There are products on the market in health food stores and on the internet sold for this purpose. It is possible to dilute the urine with herbs and teas. Results of tampered urine will almost always come back as inconclusive rather than positive or negative. This is a red flag to the MRO, who will have to repeat the test. After a similar result on a subsequent test, the MRO will have no choice but to report this to the employer, and the job may not be yours after all. There are websites devoted to this topic that may assist you in your search for information (

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    Job Interview Drug Test

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    You have nothing to worry about. Lay off the salt for a while also. Try to rest and relax before the interview. Get a good night's sleep. That morning take a nice long relaxing hot bath. You may even want someone to drive you to the interview. That way you will be as relaxed as possible. If you do take pills for your blood pressure, make sure that they are your prescription, not someone elses. Taking someones elses pills could get you in trouble. Just relax and you should be fine.

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    Firstly, they usually only ever test for:

    *Amphetamines (speed etc)

    *Opioids (Heroin etc)

    *Benzodizapines (valium etc)


    Most urine tests are very cheap and they only stick to the above when testing, so prescription meds will not show up. Additionally, you are right, they do a physical and test your blood pressure here. My question to you is, does your doctor feel your BP is high enough to go on blood pressure meds? If your doctor has never stressed this, then you BP is probably not high enough to warrant concern from an employer. They really only want to know about serious med conditions that are going to interfere with your job.

    I think you will be fine; just go for the physical and mention that your BP had been a little high last time you had it tested.

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    When they test for drugs, they are only testing for drugs that are illegal or that could harm you. If it is a prescription drug, you will be just fine! Good luck at the interview! =]

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    I wouldn't think it would be a big deal if you have high blood pressure and you take medication for it. I would think the drug tests would only be testing for illegal drugs.

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    They only test for illegal drugs. Not prescription drugs. And it doesn't matter if you have high blood pressure. They don't test for that.

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