Concerned recipient regarding Employment Insurance and investigating a travel?

I am currently an EI recipient. When I was still employed, I had a planned a one-week vacation outside of Canada however I lost my job, and still ended up going on the trip.

I received a questionnaire from the investigation centre stating to complete the questionnaire and that there may have been an overpayment and a penalty could be imposed.

Can anyone tell me the possible outcome of this? What would be the penalty owed?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    The CRA likely just got your information from Customs - when your passport information is entered, it does get sent back to the EI office.

    I'm aware of others that had this happen as well, and that is exactly how it was discovered - when the person crossed the border, the information was entered. Service Canada does get this information. I'm just telling you this as I don't want you to be suspicious of your friends, as one poster suggested you were ratted out.

    You will have to pay back the EI overpayment. I'm not certain if there is a fine or penalty as well, but there could be, as you made a false statement by saying you were able to work, when in fact you were on vacation that week.

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    Charles is right. When you call in your cards they ask you specifically if you were willing and able to work during that claim period. If you say yes, you get the money for it, if you say no, you don't get the money.

    If you were out of the country, or even just on vacation in the country, you weren't "willing and able". So they'll most likely make you repay for that week. Hopefully they won't penalize you further for giving mis-information.

    You have any enemies? Sounds like someone tipped them off that you went on vacation while receiving benefits.

  • 1 decade ago

    they could potentially deny EI benefits for the week you were out of the country and ask you to repay it.

    There is normally a questionnaire you are asked to fill out every couple of weeks to prove to the government you are actively looking for work.

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