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I am an only child and I am currently almost 58 years old. I have never had a copy of my birth certificate and I am applying for one. The form asks where my father and mother were born. I can find no one in my family left to ask. Since everything is so highly protected now, can anyone steer me in the right direction. Departments of vital stats request you pay for this info and if they can't find it, you forfeit your money.


Plus, I am not completely sure what state either of them were born in. This could get expensive.

Update 2:

Probably should have included this info first. I have no idea where my dad is or contact with anyone in his family. My mom is not of a mental state to be able to tell me anything and she is in Texas and I am in Arkansas. This is why I am trying to get everything gathered up so I can go and get her squared away to come back with me.

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    any aunts, uncles, counsins that you can ask. Might try googling them on the internet and see what comes up, or try peoplefinders. Do you have anything of theirs that might indicate where they were born or raised? A photo album, old phone book, old bills etc. Search for those items around their house/or yours and see what may turn up.

    Best of luck

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    If you do a Social Security check, It will tell their birth date, and the last place of residence, and where it was issued. That is if they collected it.

    Don't you have the obituaries, it tells on them. You can look through the library. Ask the library to help you, sometimes they can be a really big help.

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    Yes, it can get really expensive. But that the only way I know that you can go. Good Luck!

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