Is smoking cig worse then smoking weed?

Is smoking cig worse then smoking weed

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    JAMA March 6, 2002;287:1123-1131, 1172-1174 article clearly states that Investigators found that, among pot smokers seeking treatment for marijuana dependence, long-time users performed more poorly on tests of memory and attention than shorter-term users and non-users.

    The findings show that over time, marijuana smoking can cause intellectual impairments that "endure beyond the period of intoxication" and worsen the longer a person uses the drug.

    Cigarettes do not cause that problem.

    Also, it has now been shown that smoking marijuana is far worse than smoking cigarettes in regard to lung cancer rates. That is especially scary because cigarette smoking greatly increases the chance of getting lung cancer and other cancers by a huge factor.

    Source(s): many years of nutritional studies - B.A. Biology & chemistry advanced nutritional research
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    This is my situation: my mom smoked ciggs her whole life, my dad smoked weed. My mom always had smokers cough and that smoker look to her, and when she quit, she stopped coughing, and looked younger. My dad never coughed once from smoking, only looked high when he was high (duh, haha), and was exactly the same when he quit. I also smoke weed everyday, and an occasional cigarette.

    You see,[most] the people here that protest weed, I am almost certain, have never smoked it over a long period of time like me and my dad have. You find out that it's actually harmless, and no matter how stupid you think it makes you, you always recover from it when it's out of your system.

    It's a lot less harmful than cigarettes, because weed gets you high by increasing your heart rate. Because of this, your brain isnt used to the amount of blood getting to it, and you get that "high" feeling. Thats from the one chemical called THC (there are more, about 4,000, but thats the only active ingredient). And as long as your smoking out of a water pipe of any sort, like a bubbler or bong, you're pretty safe.

    Cigarettes on the other hand have about 40,000 chemicals, and they get you buzzed because of not one chemical, but many many chemicals that increase your heart rate as a result. The heart rate thing helps with the buzz of a cigarette, and all those gross *** chemicals do the rest. I'd rather go to a hookah bar than smoke a cigarette. You should try going to one if you can.

    Some other facts include overdosing. I don't know if you've ever had nicotine poisioning, but it's the worst feeling ever. You get really hot and sweaty, and feel really nauseous for about a half hour. Its kinda like having a instant hangover x2. You'll definitely throw up or dry heave for a while.

    Weed, on the other hand, is impossible to overdose on. You simply cannot do it. You might think you're going to have a heart attack when you get really high, but you don't. You'll be fine enough to eat all the **** in your house.

    Yeah, the only thing weed will cause is the munchies, and that's due to dehydration. If you drink some water you'll be fine. And don't hold in your hits for more than 10 seconds. After 3-5 seconds, 95% of THC has been absorbed and you're just tearing up your lungs after that.

    In conclusion, I'd say cigarettes are more harmful, and I'd bet my life on it, not because I read some stupid biased article about it and, but because I lived it. Please be safe if you decide to smoke weed, and have a blast!

    Source(s): Personal experience.
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    Per gram studies have shown that marijuana is worse for you. In my opinion, the average sig smoker is smoking A LOT more volume that a pot smoker. Pack sigs (about an ounce) = $5 / Ounce of good weed = $200-$300. There are a lot of pack-a-day or more cig smokers out there.

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    Depends. If you smoke weed a couple times a month, but smoke cigarettes every day or every couple days, then cigs are worse. For every joint (approx) it = 7 cigs. Although, some people take more or less.

    To Psychede: It's diff for every person. It took me awhile before I was addicted. (Def more than 3 cigs.)

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  • 1 decade ago

    Yes. you smoke more times per day with cigs than with weed

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    Smoking a marijuana joint is equivalent in tar, PAH's and other chemicals to three cigarettes. However most marijuana smokers do not smoke nearly as much as tobacco smokers. Any kind of smoke inhaled is not good for lung health, and increases particulates and carbon monoxide levels in the blood leading to increased heart attack risk. To avoid nearly all health risks of marijuana, use a vaporizer. Long term health affects of tobacco are worse, well known, and the most deadly thing you can do to yourself. Nicotine is very addictive, too.

    Source(s): professional researcher in medical marijuana, read many studies, have a master degree in health
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    1 decade ago

    how much weed? o.O there is so much difference with weed that it changes with each batch. normally. the typical .5 gram joint is the same as a pack of cigs. i think, i quit smoking pot and only smoked cigs a few times. in my eyes smoking a cig is retarded, it doesn't even get you high. it all depends on how much you smoke pot/cigs and how strong your weed it, plus if your using a bong, pipe, joint etc. and if its weed or hash.

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    They both have negative effects on your health. THC smoke is stronger than cig smoke, but usually not as much is smoked. Just quit.

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    7 years ago

    Ciggs are worse ! Weed is a natural plant

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    Yes. Cigarretes contain nicotine, a highly addictive chemical given in small doses. Within 3 cigarettes you are addicted. Marijuana on the other hand has no addictive chemicals at all. While some people claim it is pyshologically addictive, it really only is if you let it be. Marijuana holds very few long term effects while smoking cigarretes holds many.

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