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Cant load user profile?

Cant load user profile?

after my roomate removed his wireless router (probably a coincidence) my computer seems to have reset xp. it tells me my profile cannot be loaded from file. all of my files and docs are still on drive c but not connected with my profile, this happens with the other user account on here as well. yesterday I put most of my user profile back the way it was but it didnt save any of it and now I will have to start over. what do I do? maybe re-intall xp? I dont know and cannot afford to take it to the shop. HELP ME PLEASE

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Your profiles have corruption in them, and that is why you received the message that you did. When you have a corrupt profile, Windows will use the settings in the Default User profile when it creates a new profile. If you continue to experience this problem with the new problem, then the Default User profile is also corrupted. Profile corruption usually occurs from improper log off and/or shut down, virus, spy/adaware. Your only recourse then is to backup your data (which will still exist under the Documents and Settings Folder, under your old profile) and perform a clean install of Windows (meaning wipe the hard drive clean before installing Windows, do not install Windows on top of the existing installation as you will just inherit the problems of your old OS).

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