Wireless help need for a 2 story brick building?

Here is the scenario. I have a 2 story building that needs networked. Problem is, the only l Wired LAN connection is on the top floor toward the corner of the building. I know I will have to go wireless, but how do I feed the signal throughout the top level and bottom from the on LAN connection? I have looked a the new “N” Wireless0--- which looks promising, however, the building is an older brick building with internal walls that are also brick. Any ideas? I

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    I'm hoping that since you are in the process of setting this up for the first time that you purchased a Wireless-N solution (better range/better building penetration...

    The quick (inexpensive) answer:

    Try relocating your router another room. You may be able to accomplish moving the Router by running the cable thru the air return vents. Once located centrally within the building your signal strength may be more than addequate.

    Before taking the time to fish the wire, run it accross the floors and down stairways to where you wish to relocate it and test the signal strength throughout your building. If you get the desired result, you win.

    Other solutions (that do cost $$$):

    Purchase a 2nd access point and configure it for repeater mode. Place it between your router and the area you'd like to receive a stronger signal. The 2nd access point will receive the signal, then retransmit it to your laptop (or router, depending on whether you're sending or receiving data), effectively increasing your range.

    Oh...lest we forget…Interference from other electronic devices. More than half of our cordless phones and microwave ovens emit an interfering signal at the same frequencies as the Wireless routers. Just separating the devices by about 10 feet will solve any interference problems, though it sounds like this is NOT your problem (unless you have a cordless phone sitting right beside the laptop).

    Michael McLaughlin @ IronOak IT, Inc., Calgary, AB


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    i got an Netgear rangemax 1gb N router and i get strong signal all throught the building i too have a two story building but if you still have problems there is an adapter call Wireless repeater you can install them through out your house but the N router should work just as fine but i would recomend that you put the router on the bottom floor because Netgear has three built in intanas on going to the right, left and north so it will gurantee that you will get a signal and if your a game freak i would recomend the Dlink adapter

    D-Link Xtreme N DIR-655 Gigabit Router or this

    Cisco Linksys Wireless-N WRT330N Gigabit Gaming Router

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    i have a pretty big house and one hsd (high speed data) line works well, but we're also on a 9M download connection. They have wireless signal boosters that may help, or you may just talk to you isp and see how much they would charge for an additional line. Where I work it doesn't cost much to double your speed, but I work for a cable internet. Not sure what kind of connection you are working with. the wireless 0 is a good bet though. Maybe if you gave a few more details if you could about the speed of the connection and how many computers you'll have on the network.

    here are some boosters on different sites



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    Any router with 2 or more antennas. One horizontal to cover the lower floor, one vertical to cover the top floor. The maximum signal is at right angles to the long axis of the antenna (sort of like a donut that has the antenna sticking through the hole).

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    I wouldn't have thought you should have a problem, we use a Talk Talk wireless router which is downstairs, our building is two storey and a brick and the wireless connection can be recieved upstairs in the furthest room away using an appaling wireless reciever.

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    You can set up repeaters on the lower level that will pick up the primary router and amplify the signal for the lower floor. Add as many as you need.

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    drill a hole into the brick with a masonry bit that is 3/4" in diameter in 5 different locations in the shape of the pentagram then open your handy dandy manual on devil worship and pray your soul to lucifer and he will grant you access to the internet for a rate of 99.99 per month plus tax

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    check out www.dd-wrt.com. it's an alternate firmware that you can install on some routers which will allow you to use the router as a wireless repeater, or wireless bridge, among many other options.

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    I have the rangemax(netgear) in a 2 story house and it is in my basement... i get service 2 blocks away... netgear is good.

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