hello everybody.I would like to ask,what is difference between AC capacitor and DC capacitor.?

for example.I have 30kv ,50nF capacitor,if I use for AC,50HZ,what I should think it about?it is possible?what about volatage for AC if I use it/

Thanks for any answer

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Some capacitors are unsuitable for connection to ac because they are polarity sensitive. It will be marked if this is the case.

    Besides that the difference is what it will do. Capacitors store dc and conduct ac.

    Are you sure it says 30kV? That would be a large voltage

  • 4 years ago

    working principal are same but, AC mean Alternate Current, in capacitor there is no polarity they are universal type, were as in DC mean Direct Current, this DC capacitor has polarity like Positive and Negative, u must be carefully when fixing DC capacitor, all the DC capacitor are mark negative mark to identify the pole in the capacitor.

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