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Hair (big big problems...)?

I'm 16 and am having big big problems with trying to set my hair after every wash, which is almost every 2 days... I find that my hair does not set without the use of a hair dryer, even if it is bare minumum use + i only know one way to blowdry it...and that is the dead straight look with a slight curve inwards for the front hair...i need new looks ....lazy curls, tight curl, basically a very volumized look, because flat gives me a long face... I additionally find the need to constantly brush my hair at university...tends to get messy or overly flat..and i'm having to brush it in a certain make my hair fresh looking and part it again (side parting) i normally do in the mornings...+ i'm prone to fly away embarassing....Please, people i need a way to set my hair in an absolutely goregous way, that even by the end of the day it looks good enough for photographs without me having to constantly deal with brushing and fly away hair, without the use of moose or spray


Really sorry guys ...but another problem is my mum doesn't approve of hot hair irons and curlers...she'd rather i had an amazing look naturally or at the most with the help of the natural dryer is the maximum with her... please please help me out....i really need to solve this one major problem i'm facing....

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    My hair is a nightmare curly and it takes me 10 mins to style it now, thanks to GHD!! join the cult and get a pair of GHD straightners. They straighten, curl and wave.

    Wish I could show you pictures of me before and after lol.

    They are expensive but they are soooo worth it and last you a life time. I use no solutions, oils or anything else with it.

    Check this video out:

    Here are some tips:

    Come on, let's evolve together!!

    Edit: Tell your mum hairdryers are more damaging to hair than some hair straightners. GHD is ceramic plated therefore protective and works much better than many others.

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    You will find that most girls cannot set their hair without the use of a hairdyer.

    I wash my hair usually in the evenings, afterwards I part it the way I would like it to stay with a comb, and then tye it up and let it dry naturally.

    In the morning I use a steam straightener to style my hair just the way I'd like it to be. It usually stays that way afterwards, plus it shines!

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    Just straighten it You can't go wrong with it Just tease the back to make it more poofy so it doesn't look like an everyday look You can always wear extra make-up to look more dolled up =]

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    my hair's the same way. heres a new way i found. after washing, wrap hair in towel for about15 min. comb out the tangles then take the Sammy mousse in the yellow can, comb it all through your hair with your fingers, flip head over and scrunch it using your hands all over. then i let ,my hair air dry and it dries into beautiful curls. and i have naturally straight hair.

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    get one of those hair drying towels

    you should try it.. just within mins your hair will dry automatically

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    go to saloon.

    try yoghurt mask, its volumizing

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    have u been asking this all night???

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    dont no sorry

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