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is it posible to own a black panther as a pet in the united states?

i live in mississippi and where i live we have black panthers in our woods and they dont bother any body.i wouldent under stand why i couldent have one.

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    You can not have one as a pet - Mississippi bans the private ownership of any animal they deem inherently dangerous to humans, including, but not limited to:

    "v) Family Felidae:

    Genus Leo or Panthera or Neofelis (lions, tigers, jaguars and leopards) - all species;

    Unica unica (snow leopard);

    Acinonyx jubatus (cheetah);

    Felis concolor (cougar) - all subspecies; "

    Even if it was legal to have one, you could not just capture one you find in the woods. That is illegal in all states. You would need to purchase one from a USDA licensed breeder or broker.

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    Why would you want to own a pet that would enjoy eating you for lunch? The animal is wild, can not be domesticated and would be taken out of it's natural habitat. If you truly 'love' animals leave them where they belong and rescure a nice tabby from the humane society - they won't eat you. Donate time and money to your local Zoo and go develop a relationship with the zookeepers. If they decide that you are not a nut case and trust you with the animals maybe you could volunteer. As far as buying a tame Panther - there is no such thing. Just ask Sigfried and Roy in Las Vegas about their "tame" white tigers.

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    The laws vary greatly from state to state, but it most states, owning big cats (panthers, lions, tigers, cougars, etc.) is not legal, or you have to get some kind of special permit (like they might issue to a zoo or circus).

    The main reason why you probably can't have one is because so many people who have tried to domesticate them have failed miserably. They don't keep them properly penned up, and then they get out and hurt people. They get used to people and then aren't afraid of them anymore. They are not very predictable - they can act like a big kitty cat for days, and then one day, whamo! - they get in a snit and bring out the big claws and fangs and they turn on you. More often than not, big cat ownerhip ends up with someone getting seriously hurt, if not killed, and the cat has to be put down.

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    You would most likely need to get licencing to own this type of animal as they can be dangerous. you will have to check your local laws and zoning as well as go through a lengthy process to get a licence that will most likely include a number of classes on proper care of the species.

    Source(s): my cousin has a zoo and had to get all of the licences for his animals
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    That's just wrong! Black Panthers are wild animals!


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    Sure......They say its a Free Country,But check State and local laws .

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    no not possible. you need a permit or own a zoo.

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