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What 5 wrestlers do you dislike most?

1.Kenny Dykstra

2.CM Punk

3.John Cena



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    1. Batista

    2. Big Daddy V

    3. Carlito

    4. Santino

    5. Mark Henry

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    1. Kenny Dykstra

    2. Santino Marella

    3. Funaki

    4. Big Daddy V

    5. Chavo Guerrero

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    1. Santino Marella

    2. Trever Murdoch

    3. Big Daddy V

    4. Matt Striker

    5. Kurt Angle

  • 1 decade ago

    1. John Cena (always wins, held the title way too long)

    2. Batista (unlimited title shots, boring, mean guy in real life)

    3. The Great Khali (don't even call him a wrestler)

    4. Hornswoggle (wtf he has lame cartoonish storylines)

    5. The Miz (he is so lame, get his @ss back to mtv and he can say his hoorah crap all he want)

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  • 1 decade ago

    1. John Morrison

    2. Big Daddy V

    3. Mr. Kennedy

    4. JBL

    5. Umaga

  • 1 decade ago

    Not in any specific order.

    1. John Cena

    2. John Cena

    3. John Cena

    4. John Cena

    5. John Cena

  • 1 decade ago

    I can't belive you don't like CM Punk! I love him!

    XxX Totally Punked in Maine XxX

    1. Randy Orton


    3.Chavo(will always be in Eddie's shadow)

    4.Chris Jerico


  • 1 decade ago

    In no order

    1-cm punk(I just don't like him)

    2-Khali-(Hes just some big giant the cant wreslte)

    3-jbl( i used to like him but now hes just a big fat man that needs to retire)

    4-Chavo(Hes always lived off of Eddie hes no good without Eddie)

    5-hornswoggle(Hes just stupid in all aspects of the word)

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    1. Cena (bak to bak title and has no great moves)

    2. Batista (i like the fact that hes starting to go down and away from the title picture)

    3. CM Punk (poser, he doesnt rly like the fans)

    4. Somewat HHH (uses his power behind the scenes to get things his way even w/ the superstars. If he feels a superstar is getting bigger then him he makes sure that the superstar goes down)

    5. Vince McMahon (reborned ECW and just made it so dam crappy. Its a disgrace to the original)

    Source(s): my head i guess
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    he has never came up with a move of his own for example he took the spear of edge

    he took the batista bomb of kevin nash

    the spinebuster of HHH

    sidewalk slam of many people but he used it just after umaga

    and rope shaking of chris jericho

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