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About the <#D#A#R#K#M#O#O#N> virus, which converted all my MS word docs to scr that i asked yesterday,?

Thanks for all of your answers and i've tried them all. . yesterday i bought a cd package of anti viruses and i tried tthem one by one. first i installed kaspersky if i'm not mistaken and then i scanned my pc but still it didn't detect the virus. then i tried installing avg 7.5, but also, it did not detect the virus. i also tried sophos antivir but like the two, it didn't detect the virus too. . sarah poke answered my question yesterday and told me to try looking for the virus in the cmd prompt. i didn't found the folder "eggs" but what i found instead is a folder named "Rated R Pictures" located at the folder on where my MS word docs are. I can't delete it or gain access on it on my windows even my folder options was to show all hidden and system files. what am i going to do now? please help me. thnx for your answers.

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    You've got a couple problems.

    1) you're infected with malware.

    2) you're asking for advice on a public web board and

    3) you're taking it at face value without performing your own research

    you do not even know if these people are pc technicians or if they are even tech-savvy at all... and most likely they are younger than you and have no clue.

    I am an information security professional with over 17 years of experience...

    Performing a simple google search for "darmkoon" and "removal" I can see there are several sites that offer MANUAL removal instructions for that particular bit of SPYWARE.

    I strongly suggest you ONLY use the manual instructions and never ever use a tool from one of these sites.

    After you have dealt with the problem correctly... THEN you should completely remove ALL of those programs you have installed via add/remove program and be sure you reboot so that they can completely and properly uninstall. Then install the one you plan on keeping and paying for...

    I recommend getting a complete security suite (antivirus, firewall, antispyware, etc) from a reliable vendor (like McAfee... i personally use this solution and so do the many companies I have worked for and consulted for)... then ensure it is properly configured and kept completely up to date. The same goes for windows updates... make sure they are completely current and setup to remain that way.

    This coupled with safe browsing habits and common sense will keep you pretty safe... and when I say common sense that includes having a proper security suite and the common sense to not take advice from any stranger who gives it.

    If you find you have more problems than just the one you may need to consider taking your computer in to a shop like bestbuy and having them eradicate the bugs and then installing the security.

    Good Luck

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