During segregation, what facilities did other races use?

We are talking about segragation (Plessy v. Ferguson etc) I was wondering, what facilities did other races or new immigrants use? Did all whites use "whites only" Or were some not allowed (i.e. maybe the Irish?) Just wondering. Thanks!

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    The "white" facilites.

    The racial tension was more pronounced in the South - but it was not universal. The Irish were treated in substandard ways when they began immigrating en masse, as were a number of immigrant groups - over time - in America (Italians, Mexicans, East Europeans) but the African-American treatment was distinctively unique. It was by no means in the South alone, but the southern experience was far more open. Northern prejudice was very strong as well, but more subtle - and there had been many slaves in Maryland, New York, etc. pre-Civil War as well. This has changed tremendously in modern America. Prejudice is not gone, but ignorance is less and tolerance far better.

    American Indians are and were treated far worse than any group in this country, in that everything was taken from them - freedom, family, food source, faith - complete nations were wiped out by advancing white Europeans, and no expense was spared in lives, or dollars, to accomplish the goal. At one time over 1/4 of the U.S. military was in pursuit of Geronimo, Apache chief - and he was leading a band of 26 people at his surrender. The Seminole were pursued in Florida at the cost of over $50 Million (1830s dollars) and 1500 soldier's lives. These were wars of attrition and a waste of life on all sides. See Wounded Knee, Sand Creek, Horseshoe Bend, Trail of Tears, the list is endless and a national shame.

    Ein Deutcsher/Indianer-Amerikaner

    Vielen Dank - deine Frage war sehr interessant!

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    I do know that not too long ago during black/white segregation, the blacks would climb the fire escape and enter the cinema from the back while the whites entered and sat in the front. Even when the whites went to the back, they were told to stay in front. As well,when the first Jews came to America(in the 1600's) I believe I read something about them having to rent out a church to pray in as a substitute to a temple.

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    Segregation existed in the Southern states, as a last vestige of slavery, after the civil war. Everything was divided between black & white. There were no other racial divisions. There were separate lines in stores, separate eating areas in restaurants, separate bathrooms & water fountains, separate seating areas on busses & trains, and movies theaters.

    Besides segregation, there were other restrictive rules throughout the U.S. Country clubs could restrict membership to Christians, only. Neighborhoods could prohibit sales to negroes or Jews.

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    You would see signs on restrooms that said "HIS".... "HER'S"... "COLORED"

    that says it all

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