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Some good Melodic Hardcore / Math - Core without constant screaming?

I'm just looking for some new music that is Melodic Hardcore or Math - Core that isn't constant screaming. I don't mind some screaming but constant is just too much. If there is something recommended that is close to A Wilhelm Scream or Protest The Hero that is kinda what I am looking for >.>

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    Mostly I know mathcore but a lot is screamo.


    Fall of Troy (less screamo)

    The Human Abstract

    Ion Dissonance

    War From a harlot's mouth

    Between the Buried and me

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    You're in luck: this happens to also be my taste in music. I'll start from the top naming bands like this from my music inventory. I won't include them all for the sake of time but I will include my favorites. All of these bands blend screaming and clean vocals in their music. I'll also include a sample song or two to check out that I believe exemplifies the band's sound.

    All That Remains: Great metal band. Phil Labonte expertly blends screaming and clean vocals. Check out "Six" and "This Calling".

    Atreyu: This band is hard to give a genre to due to their sound changing every album. Listen to "Bleeding Mascara" and "When Two Are One".

    Avenged Sevenfold: I know, these guys are basically pop-glam rock now but back on the Waking the Fallen album they were actually a great hardcore band. Listen to "Chapter Four" and "Eternal Rest"

    Bullet For My Valentine: These guys are a great metalcore band. Amazing guitar and killer breakdowns make these guys a must have for a hardcore fan. Check out "Hand of Blood" and "Scream Aim Fire".

    Every Time I Die: This band uniquely blends southern rock and hardcore for a sound unlike anything you've ever heard. This band uses less singing and more screaming than the other bands I'm putting up here. Check out "Kill The Music" and "The New Black".

    Haste The Day: A Christian metalcore band that rocks out just as hard as all the satanic ones. Listen to "White Collar" and "Stitches"

    He Is Legend: One of my personal favorite bands, He Is Legend plays some very unique songs that foray into rock while still staying true to its hardcore roots. Listen to "The Seduction" and "Stampede".

    Killswitch Engage: Arguably one of the strongest vocalists in the melodic metalcore scene today, Howard Jones is a force to be reckoned with on both screaming and clean vocals. Plus he's a ripped *** black dude singing for a bunch of skinny white dudes, how cool is that? Listen to "My Curse" and "Take This Oath"

    Protest The Hero: I felt the need to mention Protest, even though you already have, if only because I can't get enough of Fortress. Everything about this band is amazing, from the crazy time signatures to the sick *** guitar and bass lines. Anyone who claims to be a fan of metal should check out this progressive metal band. Listen to "The Dissentience" and "Bloodmeat".

    Shadows Fall: Arguably one of the most influential hardcore/metal bands out there, these guys are a must-listen. Check out "The Light That Blinds"

    Stretch Arm Strong: A hardcore punk band who expertly blends screaming and clean vocals with a stress on clean vocals. Check out "The Hardest Part" and "The Sound of Names Dropping"

    Thrice: This now post-post hardcore band had some great hardcore songs back before they "musically evolved". The lead singer Dustin has an amazing voice. Listen to "Silhouette" and "Identity Crisis".

    Trivium: This metal band has some amazing guitar work along with a crazy drummer. I sometimes wonder if the drummer's feet ever get tired from double bassing, because he sure does it a lot. Check out "Pull Harder On The Strings Of Your Martyr" and "A Gunshot To The Head Of Trepidation"

    36 Crazyfists: A lesser known hardcore band, also adept at blending singing and screaming. Listen to "At The End Of August" and "The Heart And The Shape".

    Keep in mind that this is music that I enjoy and you may not appreciate it as much as I do, but that doesn't necessarily make any of these bands "terrible" because of the type of music they play. Also all the genres I put each artist into were what I hear the music as, although this type of music tends to extend over several genres.



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    I'm really not good with the whole "genre" thing but I like bands like Rise Against ~ The Sufferer and the Witness cd rocks!!! Also Killswitch Engage ~ YUMMY! and I've just discovered a band called Parkway Drive ~ Horizons cd is the one I have and I'm SERIOUSLY hooked! Its pretty aggressive but not all screaming ;)

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    Check out Between the Buried and Me.

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    Stick to your guns.

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    Sorry can't help you, I don't listen to that kind =/

    Well good luck finding the answer :D

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    mushroom head


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