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The Holocaust??

What the events that lead up to it happening? i know what went on during it..but what was the cause? like what were the events that happened before causing the holocaust to happen? web links and your known facts will be great :) thanks :D

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    The invasion of the Soviet Union was the decisive factor in the extermination of Jews. That is starting on June 22, 1941. In fact , mass murders of jews occurred almost immediately thereafter, including killing of infants to 7 year old jewish children in the Ukraine in August 1941. The Nazis were unprepared to handle the orphans once tghey killed the parfe ts so they devised the justification that the infants to 7 year olds if they would f grow up would seek revenge on the German people in the future. But, as we all know, no Jewish kids has yet been found murdering Germans! Hitler and the sick germans were sadists. I am not sure that with all thse Neo-nazis in germany that this will not happen again,. maybe this time against muslims in germany! I a m a holocaust Survivor. You may wish to check out the Remember_The_Holocaust Yahoo! group I moderate. Here is a description:Description (Edit)

    What can we, as humans,possibly do for the victims of the Holocaust?

    We can remember by promoting tolerance and human rights. The group's primary purpose is educational,totally informative , even instructive Learn about the history of the Holocaust. Ask any questions you may have, participate , and often messages related to the Holocaust will be posted Posted material is for educational purpose for the only private use of the members. In addition, the moderator proposes a site of the week. You are encouraged to visit our comprehensive list of links which feature various facets of The Holocaust, Genocide Watch, Human Rights and Tolerance education. All members of Yahoo groups are expected to abide by Yahoo 's "Terms of Service . We are a collegial thinking group. The moderator survived The Holocaust as a teenager. (The group's membership is global from all 5 continents and encompasses varied backgrounds ,religions, etc., and ranging from students to esteemed scholars.)

    The picture taken in 1937 is of the moderator then at age 4 1 / 2 years old with his foster parents , a childless aunt and uncle,who had reared him from a year old until the age of almost six years old. In 1938, he was whisked away from Wehen/Wiesbaden, Germany to Verviers, Belgium, where his parents moved in 1933. His aunt and uncle became Holocaust victims.

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    WWI. They were all beat up over there after the war and had huge problems which Hitler blamed on the Jews. Also propoganda can be attributed to this.

    The Nazi political party took charge using one idea....change. (sound familiar) Apparently, not all change is good.

    It's wrong to blame it all on Hitler. Yes he was behind it all but the people of Germany are responsible for not educating themselves. Something Americans today are failing to do. Communism isn't something that happens 'over there'. It happens when people stop educating themselves and vote blindly anywhere.

    Old Lady, you're wrong. The Holocaust wasn't caused by WWII. The Holocaust caused WWII. That's why it took the U.S. government to wait until Pearl Harbor to get involved. It wasn't until late that people were even sure that Jews were being harmed in Germany. The event that solidified everyone's suspicions was caught on tape showing Jews being beat by German officals.

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    Three methods to reply this. one million.) Obidience and compliance- MIlgrams popular research used to be provoked by means of the holocaust. He observed, of ordinary daily Americans off the avenue, 60% might hold electricuting a few till they died (they believed) if told to. The thought is you quit accountability to any person of bigger rank (a identical factor used to be carried out to the American soilders bombing a villiage of ladies and kids in Vietnam) two.) Depersonalisation: In any case of genocide, there are a couple of common stipulations: an us - them angle toward the percieved underclass, depersonalistion of the perceived underclass (Jews, darkish skinned races, homosexuals had been regarded lesser than the best race), blaming them for all of the disorders, believing that the nation is in a state of hindrance - an severe resolution is wanted, and a powerful chief three.) More just lately, psychologists have pushed aside Milgram's view no less than because it applies to the bigger degree of the chain of command (it could nonetheless follow to you bulldozer driving force). Several of the camp guards actively and imagineitively interpreted orders that didn't actuall name for the holocaust, orders being very indistinct. There used to be an air of competetion for Hitler's favour. The guards had been dedicated to what they had been doing, knew what they had been doing, they usually notion it used to be the proper factor to do. They notion they had been killing an enamy, they take at the ideology of the institution that condones this behavoir Most of the persons that had been "dependable" had been sentenced on the nuremberg trial. Others shrink down had been much more likely to be (or no less than consider) they had been simply following orders, hence fending off guilt that might cause them to suicide. Those that took at the ideology might now not consider guilt

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    Here are my known facts: Many people think the only victims of the Holocaust were Jewish. Up to 5,000,000 non-Jewish victims suffered as a result of the Holocaust.

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    World War 2 spawned the Holocaust. Just use 'holocaust' in a search engine and you'll get tons of facts about it. It was part of Hitler's ethnic cleansing program, to reduce Germany to pure Aryans - which is funny, because he himself did not fit the 'superrace' model that he evolved.

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    a big part of it too, was that the Nazi party organized better. The left just couldn't get their act together in opposition. They talked a lot about it at the Holocaust Museum in DC.

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    World War II. Blame that one on Germany's leader Aldoph Hitler.

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