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Obama and Hitler?

Do you see any similarities or differences? I did my own digging today. Interesting comparison. Just wondering what you thought.


I did not tell you what I found because I do not want to think for you. You should do your own research. AND if you looked at the question it says similarities and DIFFERENCES. Silly people. Can not we have a compare and contrast session once and a while?

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    Certainly there are some similarities. Look at Hitler's campaign early on, it didn't blatantly support facism. The Nazis promised to clamp down on Big Business and end the class struggle (sounds familiar). It appealed to the young most, they thought they would fight the evil bourgeois and and establish a youth dominated culture. The uprising of the poor and beaten down, crushed by the evil corporations and industrialist (again, sounds familiar). Along with the youth idea, the NAZIs would use the slight of hand trick, accusing their opponents of facism; evil creatures who hoped only to increase the wealth gap and control the downtrodden proletariet. Hitler gained the young and the old alike with idealism.

    The biggest similarity is the idea of Nationalism and Socialism. Americans are naturally nationalists, and it is a good side to appeal to. Also, Obama is in favor of many socialist initiatives. So, it would be appropriate to call Obama a NAZI (An advocate of National Socialism). Both NAZIs. Bring on the thumbs downs.

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    Obama sounds *exactly* like Hitler. People don't remember that Hitler was a radical left-wing politican, that he, or rather his party, ran on a platform espousing equal rights, peace, and properity, and a general promise for hope and change. The cult that has coalesced around Obama is also about the same, with the adoring youth, the faintings, the pure appeal to emotion that they are falling prey to. This guy has followers that adore the sadistic mass-murderer Che Guevara, another Hitlerian figure. His wife goes off on rants that Obama won't let us return to your ignorant lives, that we must work for Obama, that we must follow Obama, or otherwise, we are evil cynics; who is only proud of her country when it supports her husband's bid for power. Obama is a dangerous egomaniac, and his followers are useful idiots. Are we finally seeing a triumph of American Fascism? I hope not, but this Obama guy is not someone anyone that cares about freedom and liberty would want in political office, much less the White House.

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    Anyone who says there are no similarities is lying or scared of the truth. Hitler gave some great speeches with tons of charisma just like Obama. Whether they both hate jews or not is another story. But both have a cult following and give very powerful speeches. In fact many people, watch hitler's speeches to improve their own speeching ABILITY, not content mind you

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    Both grew up in countries other than the ones they ruled, assuming Obama becomes President. Oops! I said, "ruled", not "governed". I've been reading too much European history lately.

    Both have an "a" in their first names.

    Both have an "o" in their first names.

    Seriously though, there are tons of similarities. And if it weren't for Hitler's bad side, he would have made a great leader for Germany. But he got a little obsessed with taking over the world, when he should have stopped at Austria and maybe that part of Chechoslavakia that had lots of Germans. And he also got a bit obsessed with killing Jews, gays, retarded people(now known as people with developmental disablilities), and Gypsies, and probably some other groups.

    But Hitler did start up some good ideas, which have already been mentioned. We can only wait to see if Obama can live up to Hitler's stature.

    Both were over 5 feet tall.

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    O yea I see the similiarities... They both were retards, as well as their followers.. The followers seemed to think that their guy would lead them to glory. O and they both have followers who think that saying that they will bring change is in the best interest of their country..Hitler...genocide of jews.. Obama Genocide of Americans..(Allowing 12 million Illegals to receive benefits for being "ILLEGAL")

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    While Hitler was a abomination; with that said there are only connections between way ppl follow w/out any knowledge of the change they want.

    Hitler actually got to power by promising great social improvements; jobs building roads- the autobaun- still in place in Germany today- the people's car- Volkswagen

    Germans were desperate economy was in ruins they blindly followed him b/c their families were starving and wanted some change any change w/out asking exactly what the change stood for- hence the comparison.

    Doesn't make Obama like Hitler; it does say that in both cases people have aimlessly followed change w/out knowing what that change stood for.

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    Yes, the way they seem to get people to swoon over their words. They both seem to think the more government control the better but I don't think Obama hates Jews like Hitler did and I doubt Obama has a plan to kill 6 million people.. I hope..

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    Both support dictatorships. One indirectly, through stupidity, the other directly, through actions.

    What i mean by Obama supporting dictatorships is his belief in high government control and unlimited majority rule. I'll use these quotes to help: ( I'm ready for the strong Obama force to give me thumbs down here.)

    "Remember that private citzens-whether rich or poor, whether businessmen or workers- have no power to start a war. That power is the exclusie prerogative of a government. Which type of government is more likely to plunge a country into war: a government of limited powers, bound by constitutional restrictions-or an unlimited government, open to the pressure of any group with warlike interests or ideologies, a government able to command armies to march at the whim of a single chief executive.

    Yet it is not a limited government that today's peace-lovers are advocating."-Ayn Rand

    "Observe one of the ugliest characteristics of today's world: the mixture of frantic war preparations with hysterical peace propaganda, and the fact that both come from the same source-from the same political philosophy. The bankrupt, yet still dominant, political philosophy of our age is statism.

    Observe the nature of today's alleged peace movements. Professing love and concern for the survival of mankind, they keep screaming that the nuclear-weapons race should be stopped, that armed force should be abolished as a means of settling disputes among nations, and that war should be outlawed in the name of humanity. Yet these same peace movements do not oppose dictatorships; the political views of their members range through all shades of the statist spectrum, from welfare statism to socialism to fascism to communism. This means that they are opposed to the use of coercion by one nation against another, but not by the government of a nation against its own citizens' it means that they are oppposed to the use of force against armed adversariers, but not against the disarmed."-Ayn Rand

    Source(s): Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal
  • No, I see more similarities between Hillary and Hitler. I did my own comparison check out the link:

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