Need help with TSP.?

I lost my pasword when I was stationed in Florida, they mailed me a new one but by that time I had moved and the address no longer existed. I cant change my address without my password and they will only mail my password to my addres on record. On top of all this I got out last July and no one will help me TSP sends me to my old admin and they tell me to go to TSP. HELP!!!!!

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    I'm in TSP and all I can tell you is that they've gotten paranoid.

    Let me tell you the quickest way to cut through the bulls___t.

    Look up your Congressman's name. He should have a local office and you can ask them for help by telephone. Should be listed in your blue pages of telehone book. Of, if you'd rather, you can find his/her website at There's a member listing.

    There is a listing for "contact me." the pages vary a bit, but there's a listing that will include "caseworker" or VA affairs. It's the same difference. They will ask you to sign something allowing them to deal with this. It's routine to allow them to make the contact. They will get in touch with TSP directly and start working directly on the problem.

    I hate to say this, but you'll get the runaround a lot of times in a lot of areas and they can cut through it -- every agency has people designated to deal with Congress.

    I assume you have your mail fowarded.

    But consider if they were fast and lose. I feel your pain. I couldn't tell you what my account number is or password without having it hidden somewhere. The new system is a nuisance.

    Click on the member for your district

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