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Richard the Lionheart?

Does anyonr know any good information about Richard the Lionheart or the Third Crusade ? its for a grade 9 assignment. any good websites or anything would b awesome

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    Richard the Lionheart was the 2nd son of Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitaine. A natural soldier, he is also known to have been gay. He liked war and the company of soldiers so it was no hardship for him to go on the Third Crusade. While there, he fought a lot with Phillip II of France and Leopold of Austria (his allies) and developed a grudging respect for Saladin (his foe).

    Having come to a truce with Saladin, Richard headed home. On the way back he ended up captured by Leopold of Austria and the people of England had to pay a ransom to get him back. According to popular legend, Prince John tried to intercept the ransom money because he really didn't care if Richard came back.

    When Richard returned to England, he reprimanded John, but could not dispose of him since he was still childless and likely to remain so. John was his heir.

    While fighting Phillip II of France over the possession of the Aquitaine (his mother's land), Richard was shot with an arrow. He later died of infection.

    John, by the way, married young and had numerous children. Even though he was said to be the worst of Eleanor of Aquitaine's sons, he was the only one who actually stayed in England and ruled it. Richard spent less than two years of his ten year reign in England.

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    Google it.

    Btw though the man was a great soldier he was a terrible King. He had the potential but he left his people to run around the Europe fighting stupid wars. Then his brother King John screwed things up. I know the Popes put a lot of pressure on the kings but any historian will tell you Richard gladly left to fight. Oh and I believe the christians won the third crusade but I could be wrong.

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    "Richard's contemporaneous photograph grew to become into that of a king who grew to become into additionally a knight, and that grew to become into apparently the 1st such occasion of this mixture.[114] He grew to become into prevalent as a valiant and clever protection rigidity chief and individual fighter: brave and beneficiant. That popularity has come down interior the path of the a protracted time and defines the favored photograph of Richard.[a hundred and fifteen] He left an indelible imprint on the mind's eye extending to the modern-day, frequently using fact of his protection rigidity exploits. it is contemplated in Steven Runciman's very final verdict of Richard I: "he grew to become right into a foul son, a foul husband and a foul king, yet a gallant and superb suited soldier."("historic previous of the Crusades" Vol. III) meanwhile, Muslim writers in the process the Crusades era and after wrote of him: 'by no ability have we had to stand a bolder or greater diffused opponent.' for the period of his existence, he grew to become into criticized via chroniclers (and the clergy) for having taxed the clergy the two for the marketing campaign and for his ransom, while the church and the clergy have been oftentimes exempt from taxes.[116]" WIKIPEDIA relies upon what you advise via "human beings". Richard had some pursuits so some human beings have been on his undesirable hand. His nickname grew to become into using his character, no longer using fact he had a great open coronary heart. A lions coronary heart interior the experience that he grew to become right into a fierce soldier.

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    He didn't even speak English either. and spent only 6 months of his 10 year reign in England

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