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I am Thinking of getting a bunny... What will i need?

I'm thinking about getting a bunny. Any tips on starting me off with how to take care of one? What will I need?

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    I have had my bunny for a little over a year, he is really great, so I would highly reccomend getting one. I live in CA, so mine lives outside year round. All he really needs is a cage or hutch, a small wooden box with some shavings in it, a water bottle, and a bowl for his food pelets.

    Hope this helps...

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    You will need to feed and water the rabbit every day, clean him or her out frequently, give them attention and make sure they're generally healthy.

    You will need either a hutch or cage (Do you want a bunny living inside or outside?) Hutches are often better with legs on as the damp will get through if not and the result being a cold and unhappy rabbit. You will also need rabbit food/mix - there are plenty of different types, ask whoever you buy your rabbit off what the animal is used to. Shavings, hay/straw or both for bedding and the rabbits also eat the hay, and you can get things like shredded newspaper for bedding but personally I prefer straw and hay as it's more natural and doesn't get as smelly. You'll need a rabbit run so your rabbit can run around outside also, a water bottle, a food bowl, fruit and veggies, some treats are good once in a while :) and all the things for cleaning your bunny out such as a dustpan and brush, plastic bags, cage/hutch disinfectant and things like that.

    Good luck!

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    well you will need a rabbit ha ha he lol. you will need a cage that could fit four times of your new rabbit. you need a.....

    water bottle




    newspaper for the bottom of the cage

    a brush because he or she may shed

    a large open up cage outside or a long leash that is connected to a big type of nail that digs into the ground you connect the leash to the harness on your rabbit and she or he can run round the garden. i have a bunny

    and put some toys in the cage

    i think that is everything contact me if you have any problems at jazz_miffy@yahoo.ca

    and have fun they are such cute things. my rabbit licks me.

    enjoy your new bunny

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    Please, please before getting a bunny, go to the House Rabbit Society website and read, read, read! There is a lot more to owning a bunny than most people realize, but bunnies are much more rewarding pets than most people realize as well. Adopting a bunny from a shelter, especially one that deals specifically in rabbits, is the best way to go. If you live in New England, I would highly recommend you contact Sweet Binks Rabbit Rescue in Foster, Rhode Island. I adopted my sweet, wonderful rabbit from them, and they gave me the best start as a first-time rabbit owner that I could have possibly had. All their rabbits are well socialized, completely litterbox trained, and most of all, spayed or neutered, a MUST for a rabbit owner! Plus, you will be saving a bunny from a potentially awful fate. Good Luck!

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    large cage ,soft shredded bedding for the bunny to sleep on, a hut for him or her to go into, chew toys ,rabbit pellets for food

    hartz is a good brand to try, carrots get the baby size, and most important a water bottle rabbits need plenty of water.

    also make an appointment with a vet to get the bunny checked up and if you do not plan on breeding get it spayed or neutered. keep the cage away from direct sunlight because it may get to warm for him or her

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    large cage or hutch

    rabbit food

    treats>alfalfa cubes, fruits, grains, and vegetables

    chew sticks or wood chew toys

    water bowl or bottle


    A variety of rabbit litter is available, including aspen bedding, pine shavings, cedar shavings, corncob, wood chips and clay.

    take your bunny to the vet and get it spayed or nuetered unless its already been done.

    it will need fresh water and food every day and you will need to clean out its cage as often as possible. they can be litter trained in that case you can get a corner litter box for bunnies.

    hope this helps!

    good luck!!!

  • Thank you for your question about adding a bunny rabbit to your family!

    Rabbits are the third most euthanized (put to sleep) pets in America due to overpopulation, so you can help the buns AND gain a wonderful, new pet by adopting from your local House Rabbit Society (I work in Utah at Best Friends Animal Society, and we have an entire building at our no-kill sanctuary just for bunnies).

    And the best part is, a house rabbit society volunteer can hook you up with resources, information and support for the lifetime of your new bun.

    For more information you can do an online search for your town and "house rabbit society" or you can search for rescued rabbits needing homes on http://petfinder.com.

    For more information about rabbits as pets, please see the links below.

    Thanks for considering the adoption option, please feel free to contact me with any questions, I'm happy to help!

    Nose twitches,

    Celeste Crimi

    Network Member Support

    Best Friends Animal Society


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    First a vet for a spay or neuter, and one that when needed to trim it's teeth and nails.

    Cage, hutch, chew toys, timothy hay, rabbit pellets, bedding, vegs for treats and lots of love.

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    Hay. The most important thing (besides love) to give your rabbit is hay. Lots of fresh hay, alfalfa, timothy, orchard grass. It helps them digest and live a long, healthy and happy life.

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    a lot of money!

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