Nawaz Shareef and Zardari to make government in Pakistan.?

Get a life Pakistanis what are you people upto?. You have seen them before and want them to comeback again. Its the people of Pakistan who are hypocrites not the leaders. Leaders are just doing thier job to fill thier pockets. What did Pakistan voted them. On what base. Didnt they knew what damage they did to Pakistan in the past.

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    They say only 35% population turned up for votes. The population is about 75% illiterate or may be more. People in this country can easily be manipulated. Both parties have had proved themselves the most corrupt parties. There is no doubt about it. Officials of both parties are most influential because they are teamed up with corrupt people which is unfortunately the biggest problem of Pakistan. Illiterate voters, I must say, were forced to vote for them. I have heard numerous stories from Punjab atleast where a landlord counts all the national ID cards before voting and if any one vote is less in his or in his party's favor they stop supply of water to their farmers as a punishment for several weeks. Other punishments is torturing the whole village by other means. Zardari screwed up the country by getting his father as Finance Minister when Benazir was the PM. ZA Bhutto divided the country and so was Nawaz building his sugar mills in India and returning Kargil. Everyone turned against Musharraf, which I believe is a good leader for such a screwed up country to get it fixed. Sold out media never asked Nawaz why he tried to kill Musharraf in mid air with hundreds of other passengers but to favor him on his way of politics to oust Musharraf. CJ Iftikhar, started releasing terrorists from prisons whom authorities took years to capture. GEOTV calling Red Mosque leader as "Sahib" and Jnab Maulana sahib during the operation. This was so sick. The mistake Musharraf did is to let Nawaz leave country in 1999-2000 into exile instead of trying him in the court and then let him come back again. Same with Zardari, the ultimate looter of Pakistan.

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    Exactly my point. Why the hell would pakistani's choose a corrupt leader ?

    Let me tell you why :-

    1. Not long since the word democracy has been introduced in Pakistan, media and politicians used it to exploit Pakistan's illiterate population and create atmosphere healthy for corrupt leaders to come back. Hence Pakistani people failed to practice democracy properly. It will take them time to get to know that democracy is not about going on streets and burning CNG Stations.

    2. There was a huge campaign run by lawyers on TV who were funded by “third party” to create mess in Pakistan so that these key black figures like Nawaz Shareef, Asif Zardari and others can come back for another tenure of MAHAL making.

    3. Most of the Pakistani people are unaware of the damages these fake molvi’s are doing to Pakistan so red mosque operation was taken into wrong sense and created hatred among common people against Government.

    4. Musharraf lost the biggest war of his time against media even after being a strong candidate against war on terrorism. Geo News and others channels which are basically a group of blackmailers (I’m telling this by a personal experience) did everything to make an environment so that in the mind of people, Pakistan was drowning.

    I see these facts are not accepted by many of the Pakistani people but sooner we realize this, is better for Pakistan

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  • 1 decade ago

    No matter! these r things which happen in past. Remember focus on Ur future. Peoples of Pakistan knows, that time elect a responsible person who run Pakistan with LAW because when there is no law then what for the People CZ every one need human rights and without LAW no one can servive. Its fact that in past leaders are fill their pockets and may be it will continue but if we talk about Nawaz Sharif and Zardari those make Government on Specific points which are in agenda of last night meeting held in Islamabad (Zardari House). I request to all my Pakistani's that please use Ur sense and always go on right path CZ we r Muslims and no one in world who want the stability in Pakistan no one want stability on Muslim couturiers. So assure that Our leader work in favor of Pakistan. CZ many peoples sacrifices to make Pakistan and please plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz dint spoil Pakistan CZ if u have shelter then u r protect from weather and etc. Pakistan is our shelter Pakistan is our home so please care for Pakistan care for Islam cuz we got Pakistan in the name of Islam and Mashallah we r muslims. If u dint then remember the coming generation cant handle the Pakistan cant protect Pakistan. This is a time, no matter if some one do bad in past hope for the better not for best. Please pray for Pakistan in every pray in every moment.

    Salaam to All who give life for Pakistan

    Pakistan Zinda Bad

    Paenda Bad

    Allah Hafiz

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