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Jenniphur asked in PetsDogs · 1 decade ago

Puppy pads, good idea or wrong idea?

Right now I have 1 dog who I house trained myself without using puppy pads. I'm getting a new puppy any day now, who I'm told pees where ever he pleases - especially on soft things. He is currently being trained to use puppy pads but I worry that this will give the dog the idea that he can pee on anything that looks or feels like a puppy pad. Plus I don't like the fact that he will think it's ok to pee in the house. Are these really worth using or will it confuse my pup when I try to train him to go outside?


A lot of great answers, thanks everyone. It seems I was right in my thinking!

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    My firm belief is that if the goal is to go outside, then puppy pads are absolutely the wrong way to go and crate training is most effective. You teach them to use pads, and then you change the rules of the game, so you are training them all over again, so it takes twice as long with pads. I like this crate training site. My dogs responded well to crate training.

    Also puppies tend to follow the lead of the older dog, so if your other dog is reliable, it wil be easier with the new one.

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    I bought some puppy pads the first day i brought her home 3 weeks ago. I placed one right by the door and left it there since. Last saturday she finally went on the pad after it just sitting there for 2 weeks. She went on that same pad 3 times in one day. I replaced the pad then of course. But before and now, i always take her outside every hour or so. if i cant take her out, i crate her and take her out asap when i get home. She still poops around the house every now and then but im still working on her and she still needs training.

    Jenniphur, email me i have a question to ask you about your pups.

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    My trainer said to use one or the other, not both, until they are fully trained- THEN switch from the pad to outside. The pads come scented with something that makes the dogs want to pee on it. If not, you can buy a spray for them.

    Take a potty training class, they are usually inexpensive by themselves, or free with a full obedience class. This is the best way to get ALL the info you need, one-on-one and face to face!

    ADDED- I've never used the pads, but my in-laws love them. They don't use a crate for their dog though, so they leave the pads out while they're gone or sleeping.

    Make sure you take both dogs out at the same time!

  • Lyn B
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    1 decade ago

    I personally don't like the pad or paper training. I have had good luck with taking them out at least once every hour or two.(for small puppies) And watching them like a hawk just in case they try to go in the house. And doing the grab and run technique.

    With the pad you can later take the pad outside and take your puppy to the pad and then back into the house. Eventually puppy will ask to go out to get to the pad (maybe)

    Then eventually just do away with the pad>

    good luck

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    hi jenniphu , i would have to say the puppy pad is a bad idea because , like you said the dog would think it is ok, i had dogs to and i trained them to go out side, it will take time but train the puppy the way you want to train him , the dog is smart but needs some training and loving to lol ,well hope i could help have a good day.

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    too expensive to buy puppy pads and its hard to break him out that habbit cause my use to pee on the pad but poop somewhere else i have a new puppy and trained him the old fashion way although i do have to say that we have a fenced yard and a screened porch with a slide its been easier on me than those that have apartments or balconys...what i did was that i started him leaving him do his duty in the morning...some how they do tend to pee so much when they are puppies cause of the small stomaches they but it took me a while to understand what was the peeing call or pooping call ..they start to desperatly sniff out a good place to pee...some dogs are wierd and they just do it on their own bed cause they cant hold it...some use kennels to keep them in when u are gone...but i use the porch as a during the day thing...but take him/her out 1st thing in the morning..feed and take the puppy out again around 30min after...then when u come back from work/school immediatley out again...feed at night time and take the puppy out again till he does both put him/her to sleep...when the puppy makes a mess i take him/her and wet the nose with the pee and shout or use a can with coins...they hate it...when the puppy does a good job ALWAYS give the puppy a prize...after a while the y get it...

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    I think it will be confusing. A couple people I know used them, and now their dog won't go unless it is on the training pads...confusing, if you ask me!

    I would just start from the beginning...leave in an area w/ no carpet or in a crate, take out every two hours, increasing over time. I would think your dog that is already housetrained will help train this dog. And don't give water after a certain hour (I prefer 8pm).

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    I think puppy pads are a really bad idea. Anything that trains a dog to pee in the house is a bad idea.

    I agree that it will make it that much more difficult to train him to go outside too. It will definitely confuse him.

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    No to PUPPY PADS

    I think you will have an easier time without the pads. When you bring your dog home he will have to get acclimated to a new schedule anyway. It will be alot easier for you since you already have another dog. It has been my experience that the older dog kinda shows the new dog the ropes.... but you definately should just do what you have always done with your older dog. I know you dont plan to leave the puppy unattended so just watch him carefully when you arent home and crate him when you are not.

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    i used puppy pads, i slowly moved the pads out the door over the course of 2 or 3 months and it was a sucess. he pees and poops outside like a good pup.

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