Taxes & Corruption ?

This is one of the reason why I dislike lawyers:

Corruption scandal in Long Island

and more:

and more:

Corruption scandals uncovered in NY, I'm sure there are others in NY and other states as well or even in Iraq..

If we could figure a way to reduce this waste/corruption, maybe taxes would be a lot less.

Maybe it is time to introduce another Grace commission to clean up the govt. from the bottom to top? or just plain start knocking/breaking down doors...

Thoughts ?


Thats true, Joe. missed that part.

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    1 decade ago
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    ya, well every time we send in a task force to investigate the corruption they end up gettin corrupted by the original ones that were corrupted in the first place, so now you have twice the amount of corrupted before you sent out the task force to stop the corruption~!!!

    in which you have to send in another team of non corrupt individuals to try to catch the group that was originally corrupted, plus the extra batch that became corrupted while they were investigating the ones that were origially corrupted~!!!

    and i think you know what happens next~!!!

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  • 1 decade ago

    You have the right idea.

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