cm after preseed?

Did anyone notice an increase in cm the following morning after using preseed? Does this sound right?


I thought maybe it was semen but it was stretchy like cm. The wierd thing is that it isn't my ovulation time?!

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    1 decade ago
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    I think you are confusing semen with your cm.

    Preseed is the only lube that is not hostile to sperm and preserves it longer so If you find that you have more watery or eggwhite cm days than you would expect or that these often follow days or nights that you had intercourse, then you may be mistaking seminal and cm.

    They have similar properties because they share the same function: transporting and nourishing sperm. You will find, however, that fertile cm (eggwhite) is more clear and stretchy and shiny. It will stretch a couple of inches without breaking. Semen may be more whitish and is more likely to break when pulled.

    Good luck ;-)

    Source(s): 12 weeks prego with #1
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